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SONGZIO AW24: A Theatrical Foray into the World of Antiheroes

SONGZIO AW24: A Theatrical Foray into the World of Antiheroes

In the heart of Paris, within the architectural splendor of the Palais de Tokyo, SONGZIO unveiled its Autumn-Winter 2024 collection during the prestigious Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Aptly titled ‘Night Thieves,’ this collection delves into the enigmatic realm of the night, embracing its dual nature – simultaneously calm and rowdy, eerie yet earthly, dark yet replete with gleams of light.

The Prometheus Influence

The collection’s inception is rooted in the artistic depiction of Prometheus, a mythological figure synonymous with rebellion and consequence. This powerful narrative weaves through the collection, likening SONGZIO’s antiheroes, the ‘Night Thieves,’ to Prometheus himself – figures who navigate the duality of bringing both the future and chaos.

A Convergence of Cultures

SONGZIO’s 24FW collection is a testament to harmonious contradictions – merging the tranquility and tumult of Eastern and Western aesthetics. It showcases a combination of modern Oriental design with classical cocoon, dolman, and bell-shaped silhouettes, culminating in a range of garments that juxtapose sharp angles with fluid volumes. The brand’s signature ‘plated’ pieces, intricately cut in both symmetrical and asymmetrical forms, add a distinctive character to the collection.

Color Palette and Fabrication: Boldness and Texture

SONGZIO breaks new ground with its color palette, introducing cardinal red and golden yellow hues that stand out against the brand’s traditionally monochromatic approach. The collection is defined by a rich diversity of textures – from metallics and heavy knits to bold bouclé, tweed wools, and leather – all contributing to a narrative of elegant boldness.

The Art of Movement

Fluidity and imperfection are embraced in the collection’s design, showcased through asymmetric draping and layering. This approach not only adds a dynamic quality to the pieces but also embodies SONGZIO’s unique painting technique – where vertical strokes represent form and horizontal strokes evoke emotion, capturing the essence of the antihero’s inner conflict.

Accessories and Collaboration

The accessory line, inspired by the folklore of ancient Eastern antiheroes, features unique pieces like tall hairy hats, fur gloves, and leather cummerbunds, each contributing to the narrative of individuality within uniformity. The collection also witnessed a special collaboration with Reebok, featuring avant-garde activewear that seamlessly integrates with the collection’s ethos.

SONGZIO’s Autumn-Winter 2024 collection is a theatrical and narrative-rich journey into the world of antiheroes, masterfully combining storytelling with high fashion. For a closer exploration of this collection and to stay updated on the brand’s latest endeavors, visit

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