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Stone and flower

Stone and flower

Photographer Pierre Tostain with Studio Bonjour Garçon captures Raphaël Lemond. Styling and casting by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand. Hair by Yi-Han Jen, make-up by Joséphine Briere. Special thanks to Dach. Fashion by Hien Le, Last Heirs, Julia Heuer, Collective Swallow, Damur, and more.

Top by Julian Zigerli, jacket by Collective Swallow, pants by Esther Perbandt, bag by Published By
Shirt by Jana Wieland, harness by Friederike Haller, bag by Published By
Coat by Hien Le, top by Pugnat, pants by Collective Swallow
Coat by Hien Le, top by Pugnat
Knit by Julian Zigerli

Jacket by Published By, Top by Vladimir Karaleev, Pants by Last Heirs
Jewelry by After Work Studio
Coat by Anelia Peschev, shirt by Sightline

Coat by Hien Le, pants by Julia Heuer
Shirt by Damur, pants by Friederike Haller
Jacket by Weer
Coat by Collective Swallow, shirt & pants by Julian Zigerli, scarf by Kenneth Ize

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