Stride into Fall with DAmelio Footwear: Where Style Meets Comfort

August 4, 2023


After capturing the hearts of footwear enthusiasts with a triumphant launch last May, DAmelio Footwear is back to set the stage for a stylish and comfortable fall season. Founded by the renowned D'Amelio family - Marc, Heidi, Dixie, and Charli - the brand is ready to unveil three sensational upcoming fall drops poised to redefine your autumn footwear choices.

A Peek at the Fall Collection

D'Amelio Footwear's latest collection introduces various styles and colors ideally suited to the fall aesthetic. The collection encompasses all aspects of footwear fashion, from platforms and strappy sandals to statement-making boots. Best of all, every piece is priced under $200, making high-quality style accessible to all.

Romissa Platform Sandal: Where Style Meets Versatility

The Romissa Platform Sandal takes center stage with its unique design. This stylish and versatile shoe features a sturdy 120mm block heel. The standout feature lies in its four adjustable buckle straps, allowing you to personalize the fit to your preference and foot shape. With a memory foam sock for maximum comfort and convenient zipper closure at the heel, the Romissa Platform Sandal is the perfect blend of style and practicality. The collection includes three striking options: Black, Gloss, and Best in Blue, each catering to diverse tastes. Prices start at $99, and sizes range from 5 to 11.

Rayva Platform Heel: Elevate with Confidence

The Rayva Platform Heel effortlessly combines elegance and stability. Boasting a 120mm block heel and a 45mm platform, this shoe ensures you stand out while staying comfortable. The memory foam sock and adjustable ankle strap provide a customized fit for day-to-night wear. The Rayva Platform Heel collection encompasses Camel, Black, and Blue Green Plaid options. Prices start at $109, catering to sizes 5 to 11.

Lania Heeled Sandal: Strappy Sophistication

The Lania Heeled Sandal adds a touch of modernity with its strappy design. A squared toe and adjustable straps at various points ensure a snug fit and stability. Including a memory foam sock guarantees comfort, allowing you to flaunt these 95mm heels all day and night. The Lania Heeled Sandal collection is available in Gloss, Black, Dark Blush, and Metallic Blue, catering to various preferences. Prices start at $79, and sizes range from 5 to 11.

Mistti Platform Boot: Make a Bold Statement

The Mistti Platform Boot is the epitome of a statement piece. This boot exudes confidence and style with a platform heel and sole and a chic over-the-knee shaft. Crafted from comfortable stretch nappa material or microsuede, it's available in Black, Chalk, and Black-Lux Suede options. The Mistti Platform Boot is a bold addition to your fall wardrobe, with prices starting at $159 and sizes ranging from 5 to 11.

Chelsa Boot: Where Fashion Meets Comfort

The Chelsa Boot perfectly embodies D'Amelio Footwear's dedication to style and comfort. Its sleek silhouette is achieved through stretch nappa material, while the platform sole combines fashion with comfort seamlessly. Whether paired with dresses or biker shorts, this boot is versatile and incredibly comfortable. The Chelsa Boot collection launches with a Black option, priced at $129, and caters to sizes 5 to 11.

Savela Bootie: Western Charm with a Twist

The Savela Bootie takes inspiration from the iconic cowboy boot and adds a unique twist. Featuring a folded-over design and an 80mm block heel, this bootie marries comfort and style effortlessly. Choose between Washed Denim and Black Sheep Leather options to express your individuality. Prices start at $129, and sizes range from 5 to 11.

Rosela Boot: All-Leather Elegance

The Rosela Boot boasts an all-leather construction, an inviting rounded toe, and a distinctive scrunched shaft design. With a 120mm heel and a 45mm squared platform, combined with a memory foam sock, you'll experience both stability and style. The Rosela Boot stands as an embodiment of bold fashion and comfort. Prices start at $199, and sizes range from 5 to 11.

If solid-color classic boots aren’t eye-catching enough for you, embellishing them with custom patches is a great option. Decorate your boots with patches in a color that matches what you're wearing, giving your outfit a unified look while adding a sense of personality. 

At the same time, you can also choose any pattern, symbol, meaningful date, etc., to customize the personalized patches based on your personal preferences. Let your shoes shine like new every day.

Havri Sandal: A Touch of Glamour

The Havri Sandal radiates sophistication and glamour. Available in Silver and Gold metallic shades, these sandals elevate any outfit. Both options feature a rhinestone ankle strap, adding a touch of luxury. Crafted with attention to detail, the Havri Sandal collection launches with prices starting at $99 and caters to sizes 5 to 11.

As autumn approaches, D'Amelio Footwear offers a range of captivating styles that harmonize style and comfort. With the diversity of options, ranging from platforms to boots, the fall collection promises to cater to various tastes. Elevate your footwear game with a brand that combines fashion and function flawlessly.