Stüssy and Comme des Garçons Perfume Collaborate on the Exclusive Laguna Beach Eau De Toilette

July 29, 2023

Stussy CDGP

Stüssy Inc. and Comme des Garcons Perfume proudly unveil their latest creation, the Stüssy Laguna Beach Eau De Toilette. This unique fragrance results from a creative collaboration capturing the essence and laid-back lifestyle of iconic Laguna Beach. Natural marine freshness, moss, and atlas cedar blend with white solar flowers, evoking an organic and vibrant coastal experience.

The campaign partners with Jim Olarte, a longtime Laguna Beach resident, artist, and beachcomber. Over ten years, Olarte collected materials from the Southern California coast, including abstract lead fishing weights, surfboard and boat fiberglass, and dried bull kelp, creating a captivating visual narrative for the fragrance.


The Stüssy Laguna Beach Eau De Toilette will be exclusively available at select chapter stores and on Friday, July 28th, 2023, starting at 10 am. Don't miss the chance to embrace the authentic spirit of Laguna Beach with this limited-edition fragrance.

About Stüssy

Founded in the late '80s by surfer and visionary Shawn Stüssy, the brand emerged from Southern California's surf scene, redefining casual wear. Screen-printing his surname in a graffiti-influenced style on t-shirts and shorts for promotion, Stüssy soon became a cultural phenomenon.

Drawing inspiration from underground subcultures, Stüssy's designs resonated with creative youth worldwide, passionate about surf culture, skating, and music. The brand's success led to the International Stüssy Tribe, trendsetters from major cities united by their love for Stüssy's unique appeal.

Stüssy remained committed to producing high-quality, reasonably priced clothing available only at select stores, setting them apart in the fashion industry.