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Sulvam spring summer 2022

Sulvam spring summer 2022

Being original,

Learned the word “Unreal”
Distorted, unreal worldview of sulvam.

Now we are in a new world more than a year,
what is the meaning of digital expression now?
we are passed the question, and dare to enter the distorted, unreal world.

Colors collide, piping, stitching, combination of fabrics is also part of design. Do not to put too much design on each piece of clothing,
clean design that I feel right now and my emotions on it.

Just like playing a piano,
The line I draw make sounds, tone, strength.

Black, white, blue, the colors which is easy to understand
Distorted but constructed lines
The line just for design
A boundary between what to break and what to not, balance within me No need real clothes

Design as it is just by looking at the paper and fabric,
Pattern making = sketch
Clothes with strong impression, beautiful clothes
Do not crush materials, lightness, black without weight
Eliminate the roughness of the cutoff but destroy whole structure.

How to sew, how to use the fabric, how to knit, just a little shift on it.
Make snuggle up nicely, make a big distance.
The shape of clothes made from fabrics, which is produced from threads can have a new meaning.

This is infinitely no end, no answer.
The reason for me to make clothes for my life.

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