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How supermodel Aweng Chuol celebrated her first Halloween

How supermodel Aweng Chuol celebrated her first Halloween

New York photographer and content creator Jacques Morel caught up with one of fashion’s greatest muses, Aweng Chuol, as she ventured to her first Halloween party for Self Portrait. Makeup by Yelly.

Self Portrait

Jacques Morel: Hey Aweng, how are you?

Aweng Chuol: Hi! I’m good, how are you doing?

We’re in an Uber on the way to a Self Portrait dinner on Halloween. How have you celebrated Halloween in the past?

I haven’t, actually; this is my first Halloween.

This is your first Halloween!

Yea! I don’t be celebrating Halloween. Whenever Halloween comes around, I think I’m always working.

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

No way! Haven’t you dressed up?

I’ve never dressed up.


This is the most I feel like I’ve dressed up. This year I was going to go as Storm from X-Men, but then I didn’t have time to go to LA, I was shooting, and I was like, let me pull something together tonight.

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

Musical inspirations

Well, you look fantastic tonight. Speaking of your outfit, what are you wearing for Halloween?

I’m wearing Self Portrait. Fully. Head to toe: feather dress, heels, and a cute, cute bag.

What are you listening to nowadays? I know we spoke about Lil Baby earlier.

Yea, I’m listening to Lil Baby a lot. I’m legitimately in my mob wife era! I’m listening to a lot of Hip-Hop, I’m listening to a lot of, like, rap mainly, but like manifestation rap almost? Does that make sense? Rap where it’s like I’m the G.O.A.T. I made this, and I’ve done this. My favorite song is Lil Baby’s “Yes, Indeed” with Drake. And [Lil Baby’s] “Freestyle?” Give that boy his credit. That boy can rap.

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

Wah, wah wah…

Bitch, I’m Lil Baby! He said, purr! When he said, ‘Cartier glasses, I can’t even peek at you?! Yellow Ferrari like Pikachu?!’ That’s crazy. His bars are lit.


Speaking about music, we were talking about it earlier; what’s your [Beyoncé’s] Renaissance top 5?

Top 5? You’re going to have to give me a top 3. I feel like the top 5 is the whole album at that point. Top 3? Renaissance, I love “Heated” because… ‘Tiffany on me?!’ Bitch…when she said that spandex line!? Yea, I’m sorry; I love you.

Um. “Heated,” “Virgo’s Groove,” and…I love “America Has A Problem.”


Yea, we don’t have the time to get into that one! The world has a problem right now, honestly. But America? Yes. Let’s talk about it.

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

FMK Fashion city edition

Finally, I wanted to play a fun game with you. Let’s play Fuck, Marry, Kill, fashion city edition.

Fashion city edition?! Okay!

JM: New York, Milan, and Paris.

Ahhh!! Okay. Milan, New York, Paris. Fuck Marry Kill. Whoa, you gon’ get me in trouble!!

Umm. Kill New York. Is that crazy?! Kill New York because I feel like Fashion Week has become so expeditiously exciting in Europe… because New York is just too far. And I feel like with [New York] Fashion Week, we’re all just dragging ourselves to the other side to do it. So yea, let’s kill New York.

Let’s Fuck Milan.

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

What about Milan makes you want to have sex with it?

Milan is a sensual city. That’s where fashion is legitimate. I feel like it’s smooth…everyone in the trenches…everyone drags it out, and then Paris ends with a pop of color.

So I feel like Milan? I’m going to fuck her. She like,” You coming? It’s going to be 3-4 days…we might do Versace..” She’s like we’ve been Powerhouse because we rule the 90s’ style. [Milan] gives me that. For me, it’s like, I have to sleep with [Milan], I have to fornicate with you at least once.

And then Marry Paris because it’s Paris. And it’s the city of love. She gives sensuality and sultry, and she gives being about the business because almost everything was made here regarding fashion. Because Chanel was from there. The French know how to get down.

So let’s kill New York, let’s Fuck Milan, and marry Paris.

Thank you!

No problem!

Aweng Chuol by Jacques Morel

About Jacques Morel

Jacques Morel is a street photographer specializing in 35mm and Polaroid film. In October’211, his work was published in MoMA, covering renowned artist AdamPendleton’ss exhibit Who is Queen? He had his first show, Only Time Will Tell in February at Hausen Gallery in Brooklyn. For his debut, Morel installed a refrigerator mounted with 197 Polaroids to showcase how the medium is traditionally viewed. His latest 35mm film series, Summer’222, is featured in the summer’222 issue of Blanc Magazine. He can be found roaming the streets of NYC with his Pentax K1000 and a smile.

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