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The Art of Memory: Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

The Art of Memory: Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Feng Chen Wang‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection draws inspiration from the designer’s cherished memories of her grandmother. Growing up in Fujian, China, Wang vividly recalls accompanying her grandmother on walks through the mountains and rivers. Deep imprinted in her heart, these precious memories fuel her collection with love and nostalgia.


Recreating Memories with Artistry

To celebrate these memories, Wang employs an ancient botanical contact printing method. Collaborating with local Chinese artisans, she carefully selects her grandmother’s favorite plants, such as onions, gallnuts, eucalyptus, and apple leaves. Using these botanicals, Wang pounds them onto traditional Chinese silk, skillfully imprinting their colors, forms, and veins onto the fabric.


Patterns That Transcend Time and Space

Each plant becomes a metaphor for memory, expressing the vibrancy and resilience of life while preserving traditions. The imprints left by these plants give rise to unique patterns that transcend time and space. They serve as a visual conversation with the past, embodying a pure and enduring love.

Capturing the Essence of Memories

Wang’s creative process mirrors the profound yet sometimes hazy nature of memories. The collection features color gradations of pink, blue, purple, and black. These dream-like hues cascade and evolve, captured as imprints on the fabric. They evoke the depth and complexity of memories deeply embedded within us.


Fabric Symphony: Silk, Cotton, and Wool Unite in Harmony

Silk is the principal fabric in Wang’s collection, symbolizing natural purity. It graces shirts, shorts, and transparent organza jackets, exuding elegance and grace. Wang’s signature pure cotton appears in denim pieces and T-shirts, showcasing the brand’s identity. Wool suits adorned with botanical imprints also elevate the collection to new heights. The intricate patterns result from meticulous handwork, requiring multiple rounds of dyeing to achieve the desired colors. Fusing Chinese and Western tailoring techniques creates a contemporary blend that transcends cultural boundaries.

Chinese and Western Elements in Contemporary Fashion

Wang’s runway show at the Lycée Montaigne showcases a harmonious fusion of fashion and music. As models grace the catwalk, musical collective Nara Bara performs live, creating an ambiance that blends jazz harmonies with intricate rhythms. This union of music and fashion further explores the boundaries between reality and longing, adding an immersive layer to the collection.

Dragons and Phoenixes Convey Love and Hope

From Wang’s grandmother’s perspective, dragons and phoenixes symbolize romantic love. The phoenix, a signature Feng Chen Wang motif, represents rebirth and renewal. In the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Wang introduces a new dragon pattern through jacquard and water-washing processes, using denim blue, grey, and shades of khaki. Dragons and phoenixes are mythical creatures cherished in the imagination of ancient Chinese culture, embodying fervent hopes and wishes. With 2024 being the Year of the Dragon in China, Wang’s collection becomes a visionary expression, inviting viewers to envision a better year ahead.

Bamboo and Wood Enhance the Collection

Continuing the theme of nature, the collection incorporates accessories made from natural materials. Bamboo hair clasps and wooden necklaces complement the ensembles, adding an organic touch. Alongside the reconstructed Nike apparel and footwear, these accessories elevate the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious balance between modernity and nature.

Feng Chen Wang SS24, Finale

Emotions, Craftsmanship, and Design Unite

The Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2024 collection masterfully weaves emotions, craftsmanship, and design into a comprehensive narrative. Wang’s childhood memories and her grandmother’s influence shape every collection aspect, from the botanical contact printing technique to the choice of fabrics and colors.

Through meticulous attention to detail and a fusion of Chinese and Western elements, Wang creates a contemporary expression of her heritage and personal experiences. The result is a collection that transcends fashion, immersing viewers in a world where memories and emotions intertwine, leaving an indelible imprint on the senses. As we witness Wang’s creative vision unfold on the runway, we are reminded of the enduring power of memories, forever imprinted in the fabric of our lives.

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