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The Artistry of Fashion: AZ Factory’s “BY THEM” SS24 Collection Embodies the Nuances of a Woman’s Day

The Artistry of Fashion: AZ Factory’s “BY THEM” SS24 Collection Embodies the Nuances of a Woman’s Day

Fashion, at its heart, tells the stories and emotions that mirror our daily lives. AZ Factory’s “BY THEM” Spring/Summer 2024 Collection beautifully captures this, painting a vivid picture of a woman’s journey throughout a day.

Dawn’s Enigmatic Prelude

The collection begins with a finely tailored poplin shirt dress, serving as a sartorial emblem of morning’s spontaneous spirit. Beyond just a fashionable statement, this piece radiates the fresh energy of a new day, hinting at waking up in a different world, maybe pulling on a stranger’s shirt to greet the sunrise.

The Echo of Elbaz

Conversations about AZ Factory are forever intertwined with the monumental legacy of Alber Elbaz. This collection goes beyond just a tribute; it’s a seamless extension of Elbaz’s profound conversations in high fashion. Guided by the discerning eyes of Norman René Devera and Peter Movrin—both cherished apprentices of Elbaz—this collection harmoniously blends revered traditions with forward-thinking innovations.

Craftsmanship’s Rich Loom

As one immerses oneself in the collection, it unfolds a symphony of silhouettes, each bearing testament to the finesse of couturier techniques. The intricate floral jacquard patterns, seamlessly interwoven, become emblematic of the day’s evolving narrative. Here, lace isn’t merely an epilogue but a prologue, beckoning endless sartorial adventures.

Nocturnal Refinement

As the hues of twilight deepen, the collection takes on a profound intensity. Ethereal organza-clad gowns, thoughtfully slashed skirts, and a botanical transformation from budding petals to resplendent blossoms capture the day’s crescendo. Every attire, adorned with tactile beads, resonates with the collection’s defining themes.

Imprints of Elbaz

Within this tapestry of design, Elbaz’s signature touch is ever-present—his penchant for roses, his zest for lively color schemes, and his unique approach to redefining classic silhouettes. Subtle touches, from the luminous shade of citrus yellow, the deliberately raw hems, the sumptuous sheen of satin duchesse, to the generously cut pyjama trousers, masterfully meld homage to tradition with forward-looking innovation.

More than just a visual feast, the AZ Factory “BY THEM” SS24 Collection captures the rhythm of life, intricately weaving stories, emotions, and fleeting moments into a magnificent tapestry of fashion. It becomes a tribute to the enduring genius of Alber Elbaz but also as a celebration of impactful mentorship melded with unbridled creativity. Discover more at

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