The Bally Ballyrina Collection Redefines Ballet Flats with a Blend of Timeless Heritage and Chic Modernity

January 18, 2024

Bally ballyrina shoe

In a graceful homage to its rich heritage in shoemaking, BALLY has launched Ballyrina, a new collection of contemporary ballet flats. This elegant line is a modern reimagining of a historic design from the 1940s, drawn from the Swiss luxury brand's extensive archives. Celebrating over 172 years of excellence in crafting sports and luxury footwear, Ballyrina marks a continuation of BALLY's tradition, infused with a refreshing contemporary twist.

The Ballyrina Collection: A Story of Resilience and Craftsmanship

The genesis of Ballyrina dates back to the 1940s, a tumultuous era marked by World War II. Amidst the global turmoil, BALLY played a pivotal role in supporting the ballet, ensuring the continuous supply of ballet shoes from their manufacturing hub in Schöftland. These shoes, designed with ribbons and reinforced toes suitable for dancing en pointe, bore a special BALLY ballerina logo, a symbol of resilience and dedication to the arts.

Contemporary Reinterpretation: Blending Tradition with Modern Flair

Fast forward to 2024, BALLY revisits this poignant chapter in its history with the Ballyrina collection. The brand's commitment to merging heritage with innovation is evident in this collection, where the classic ballet shoe is reenvisioned through a modern lens. The result is a seamless fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary style, a fitting tribute to BALLY's storied past.

The Ballyrina Styles: Elegance and Practicality

The collection introduces three distinct styles of Ballyrinas, each echoing the elegance of ballet with a practical twist. The standout Byntia style, available in pastel blue and neutral glitter, offers a stylish alternative to heels. Its design, featuring leather piping and a Mary-Jane buckle strap, takes inspiration from the crossed ribbons of traditional ballet shoes, marrying aesthetic grace with functional design.

Versatility and Sophistication in Every Step

Ballyrina shoes, with their rounded toes and sleek silhouettes, are crafted for versatility and comfort. They are perfect for those on-the-go moments, offering a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Each pair is presented in a limited-edition box, adorned with the reinterpreted 1940s BALLY ballerina logo in gold foil, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Availability and Legacy

The Ballyrina collection is set for a grand launch in January at selected BALLY boutiques worldwide and online at This launch not only celebrates BALLY's enduring legacy in luxury shoemaking but also reaffirms the brand's commitment to blending artistic heritage with contemporary fashion.