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Tom Ford spring summer 2020

Tom Ford spring summer 2020

A sense of mystery and allure shrouded in sex appeal has always defined Tom Ford, the handsome man and his brand. This collection continued that legacy with bold lustrous pieces that contrasted against their dark underpinnings. ‘Is anything more sexy than the way Tom does black?’ our editor asks.

Perhaps the most defining look of the collection: a leather bra top layered under a deeply dropped shoulder on a sharply tailored overcoat, a high-waisted pant with a skinny belt, and Chelsea boots to complete the look.

Sure, it’s something Helmut Lang and many others have done a thousand times over. But I’m reminded of a story Tom once told in a documentary on how as a child he would stare at his shoelaces, redoing them over again and again until they were just right to his liking. It’s the details that make a look (or a movie) distinctly Tom Ford.

In this example, it’s the pant leg that is cut precisely to fall just right over the boot. It’s the drop shoulder on the overcoat and the watch that elevates an otherwise downtown street look into an elevated Tom Ford silhouette.

This collection is very much about bringing downtown, uptown. Even the venue, the downtown Bowery subway station hints at such a transport. In addition to luxurious skins, leathers, and suiting that have come to define the brand, it would be a lapse not to mention the molded lacquered acrylic that appeared as breast-plated tops throughout the show. In the press release Mr. Ford said he was inspired by Ursula Andress in a shiny metal bra from the 1965 film, “The 10th Victim” and Jeff Koons’ mirror-polished stainless steel sculptures. Well, it’s safe to say we certainly see ourselves in this collection.

Explore the full show in the gallery below. Images courtesy of Tom Ford.

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