The diary of an Alexander McQueen creative youth collaboration

December 16, 2021

During the summer of 2020, Alexander McQueen joined a group of young people in South Wales to begin a creative educational project whose rich landscape and crafts, poetry and literature had inspired Sarah Burton to design the Autumn Winter 2020 collection.

A series of immersive fashion, photography and embroidery workshops were built encouraging the young people to explore their own vision.

Conceptualized by Charlotte and Clémentine together with the McQueen team young people, the support from families, youth workers in the town neighbourhood, and to Charlotte and Clémentine’s vision of bringing insight into fashion and the creative arts into their community.

The project is a further extension of Sarah Burton’s ongoing commitment to fashion education at Alexander McQueen. Beginning in 2019, it includes open-access installations and study programmes which are extended to school-age, college and university students across the UK, and a scheme to donate and redistribute left-over materials for student collections.

The Wales project was conducted under Covid 19 protocols, or via Zoom calls when lockdown prevented travel.

“We’ve all been inspired by the experience of being able to make a practical connection with this collaboration with young people in Wales. Community values and the belief in offering creative opportunities to young people are at the heart of what we believe at Alexander McQueen, and this record of what we all learned together last year is a testament to what transformative things can happen everywhere when empowering equal access to creative ideas.” – Sarah Burton