The Global Charm of Bottega Veneta’s Summer 24 Collection

September 24, 2023

Mark Twain's depiction of summer in ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ is vividly brought to life in Bottega Veneta's Summer 24 Collection under the artistic helm of Matthieu Blazy. The collection resonates with a collage of global elements, intertwining freedom and hope. It signifies a journey—both internally and externally—crafting a multifaceted odyssey and seamlessly connecting the wearer to the enchanting whispers of the primal and natural realms.

Bottega Veneta SS24, Show Space
Bottega Veneta SS24, Show Space

Embracing Global Craftsmanship

The collection is a masterpiece of global craftsmanship, an intertwining of manmade and natural elements from diverse landscapes and cultures. It paints a rich tapestry of design, each piece a living testament to transformative fashion, fluid and continually evolving.

A Voyage through Silhouettes

The elegantly showcased collection draws parallels to voyagers navigating the global spectacle, symbolizing explorative inspirations through travel and imagination. Each design is a unique narration of transformative archetypes, oscillating between the ordinary and extraordinary and highlighting a profound connection to the natural world.

Imaginative International Dress

For Summer 24, the collection redefines 'national dress' as ‘international dress,’ representing a seamless blend of global archetypes in a nomadic fashion, displaying flags of imaginary places and revealing the versatility of travel-inspired accessories, meticulously crafted in high-quality leathers.

Dressing Beyond Boundaries

The collection is an exploration of boundless dressing, a canvas painted with cactus and nautilus shell dresses, vibrant flowers, and explosive fireworks. It invites the wearers to traverse their imaginations, offering them the freedom to be whoever and whatever they desire, reconnecting them to a primal world filled with the beauty of small marvels and natural wonders.

Guided by Matthieu Blazy's innovative vision, Bottega Veneta's Summer 24 Collection is a sublime convergence of transformation and escape, a harmonious symphony blending the primal with the contemporary, the organic with the crafted. Each piece is more than a garment; it's a melody, a celebration, a revitalizing journey connecting wearers to their past, present, and future aspirations, embodying the hope and freedom every heart longs for. Discover more at