The LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2024: A Convergence of Tradition and Innovation

February 17, 2024

Two ceramic vases of contrasting sizes and textures on a cracked white pedestal with a hollow center.

At the nexus of tradition and innovation, the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2024 unveils an exquisite curation of contemporary masterpieces. Gracing the esteemed Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the exhibition, running from 15 May to 9 June 2024, promises a journey through the pinnacle of artistic mastery and innovation.

Miki Asai

A Homage to LOEWE's Legacy

Conceived by Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE’s visionary Creative Director, the Craft Prize pays homage to LOEWE's heritage, originally established as a collective craft workshop in 1846. This prestigious award recognizes the craft as a fundamental cultural cornerstone, celebrating those visionaries who are setting new benchmarks for the future.

Global Artisans, Local Narratives

Chosen from an impressive pool of over 3,900 artisans spanning 124 countries, the 30 finalists exemplify unparalleled skill and visionary foresight. The works span an array of media, articulating the universal language of craft and its power to unite diverse stories and traditions.

Aya Oki

Sustainability as Art

This edition stands out for its deep commitment to sustainability, showcasing entrants who transform everyday materials into extraordinary artworks with a keen mindfulness of their environmental impact. The finalists' innovative use of sustainable practices is not only a nod to environmental consciousness but also an embodiment of art's transformative power.

The Jury: Guardians of Craft's Future

An esteemed assembly of luminaries from design, architecture, and curatorship realms will bestow the grand prize of €50,000, heralding a significant accolade in the recipient’s artistic journey. This momentous decision, set to be announced on 14 May 2024, marks a pivotal point in the winning artist's career.

Chun Tai Chen

The Artistic Alchemy of the Finalists

Each finalist's work stands as a profound testament to their unique dialogue with material and form, bridging the tangible with the conceptual. From Andrés Anza's totemic ceramics to Saar Scheerlings' textile sculptures, the finalists' pieces represent a confluence of innovation and tradition.

The LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize transcends an award; it represents a commitment to enriching the cultural fabric that intertwines craft with our shared identity. Through this initiative, LOEWE reinforces its role as a custodian of craft's dynamic evolution.

Explore 'The Room' – A Digital Exhibition Space

Prior to the Paris exhibition, 'The Room' serves as an immersive virtual gateway, inviting visitors to delve deep into the creative realms of the nominated artists. This digital platform serves as a bridge, connecting audiences worldwide with the vanguard of contemporary craftsmanship.

Join the Celebration of Craft

The Palais de Tokyo extends a warm invitation to immerse yourself in the defining art of our era, meticulously curated by master artisans. This institution stands as a beacon of contemporary art and a fitting venue for the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize.

Dive into the transformative world of craft and meet the visionaries shaping its future by visiting the official LOEWE Foundation Craft Prize website. Embrace the opportunity to partake in a cultural movement where artistry and innovation converge.