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The Menil Collection Presents “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” by Marc Bauer

The Menil Collection Presents “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” by Marc Bauer

Marc Bauer stands in front of a detailed mural, dressed in a black long-sleeve shirt and black pants, offering a stark contrast to the lively and intricate grayscale artwork behind him that depicts a variety of human figures and text elements in a dynamic composition.

The Menil Collection is honored to announce the latest exhibition at the Menil Drawing Institute, showcasing the profound and evolving artwork of artist Marc Bauer. Titled “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line, 2023,” this 36-foot-wide mural is a testament to the transformative power of art, inviting visitors into a dialogue with history, culture, and the essence of human resilience.

A Living Canvas of Memory and Change

Marc Bauer’s “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” is a living narrative that evolves with time. Created with a blend of charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil, this site-specific installation weaves together elements from art history with contemporary themes, creating a space for reflection and interaction.

The mural, destined to change throughout its display until summer 2024, embodies the concept of a palimpsest, each layer revealing the echoes of its transformations. Bauer’s innovative approach incorporates visitor feedback, making the audience an integral part of the artwork’s continuous metamorphosis.

I see the drawing as a meeting point between the viewer and myself; the drawing is there to activate memories in the viewer’s mind, like a trigger. It’s the viewer who fill in the gaps in the narrative, who reconstruct the story; I only give a few elements.

Marc Bauer

The Convergence of Past and Present

Bauer’s work is a journey through the annals of history, touching upon themes of dominance and defiance. “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” draws from rich sources, from ancient reliefs to modern photojournalism, exploring the enduring nature of certain images and motifs through the lens of German art historian Aby Warburg’s theory of “image survival.”

This mural is a prism through which the struggles for climate justice, humane migration policies, and the rights of marginalized communities are viewed, intertwining scenes of disaster with gestures of aid and solidarity.

Celebrating Queerness and Resistance

Central to Bauer’s narrative is the celebration of queerness, depicted through intimate portrayals of community, identity, and resistance. The artwork becomes a stage for reimagining care and connection, challenging oppressive structures with the vibrancy of queer existence. Bauer’s personal memories also traverse the mural, adding layers of intimacy and authenticity to the collective story being told.

The Menil’s Commitment to Artistic Innovation

The Menil Collection, established by philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil, has long been a sanctuary for the exploration and appreciation of art’s role in society. The Menil Drawing Institute, in particular, stands as a beacon for the study and exhibition of drawing as a fundamental artistic practice. “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” is part of the Menil’s Wall Drawing Series, which seeks to push the boundaries of drawing as an art form.

Visit and Participate

The Menil Collection invites the public to experience “RESILIENCE, Drawing the Line” and to become part of this evolving conversation. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to witness the interplay of history, culture, and personal narrative in the creation of art that speaks to the core of human experience. For more information, read an interview with the artist and visit The Menil Collection’s website.

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