Ephemeral Passages: Do Ho Suh’s ‘Portal’ at the MFA, Houston

An installation by artist Do Ho Suh, titled "Portal," is displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The translucent sculpture, meticulously crafted to resemble an architectural gateway, stands tall with detailed carvings and a ghostly appearance, allowing viewers to see through its ethereal structure.

“Portal,” an evocative art installation by Do Ho Suh, presented at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, captures the essence of transitional spaces. This transparent, full-scale replica of a traditional architectural form creates a sense of both presence and absence. Its see-through nature invites contemplation on space, memory, and the physical and psychological thresholds we cross in life and art. The sculpture interacts with the museum’s industrial interior, contrasting the solid, heavy materials of the building with the light, airy medium of the sculpture.

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