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The Pulse of the City: Marine Serre’s SS24 Campaign Starring Winnie Harlow and Alassane Diong

The Pulse of the City: Marine Serre’s SS24 Campaign Starring Winnie Harlow and Alassane Diong

Winnie Harlow strikes a pose in a confectionery, leaning on a display case filled with sweets. She sports a Marine Serre SS24 black leather jacket, paired with bold accessories including large hoop earrings and a statement watch.

In a mesmerizing ode to urban style, Marine Serre introduces the Spring/Summer 2024 season with an electrifying campaign that embodies the essence of city chic. The SS24’s inaugural release effortlessly melds high fashion with street sensibility, a signature touch that defines the brand’s identity.

Style Icons Take Center Stage

The campaign’s dynamic energy is embodied by the striking duo of iconic model Winnie Harlow and emerging French actor Alassane Diong. Fresh off the runway, Alassane Diong exudes charisma and is the perfect counterpart to Harlow’s presence. Together, they encapsulate the collection’s ethos – bold, innovative, and undeniably contemporary.

Winnie Harlow: A Vision of Contrast

Winnie Harlow captivates in a laundromat backdrop, where washing machines whirl garments adorned with Marine Serre’s iconic crescent moon. Dressed in a denim ensemble that seamlessly blends the everyday with the extraordinary, Harlow epitomizes the collection’s mission to transform the mundane into something exceptional.

Alassane Diong: The Essence of New Masculinity

Alassane Diong, effortlessly cool, brings Marine Serre’s SS24 collection to life. Photographed in both a laundromat and a grocery store, his sleek, patterned suit challenges traditional menswear and embodies a fresh wave of masculinity that marries sophistication with everyday life.

Winnie Harlow: Glamour in the Everyday

Harlow, poised under a salon hairdryer, immerses herself in the “Miss Gossip SS24” magazine. This showcases Marine Serre’s talent for infusing luxury into daily routines. Her look, accessorized with statement jewelry, embodies the brand’s knack for creating practical yet glamorous pieces.

Alassane Diong: Elegance in Simplicity

Diong, with a contemplative gaze, holds everyday products while donning Marine Serre’s distinctive tailoring. This juxtaposition of high fashion within the ordinary reinforces the brand’s message: elegance can be discovered in the simplicity of daily life.

The Pulsating Essence of SS24

Each image in the campaign pulsates with Marine Serre’s vision for the SS24 collection. It narrates the rhythm of urban life, the contours of individuality, and the seamless fusion of functionality with avant-garde design.

Meet the Stars

Winnie Harlow, celebrated for redefining beauty standards in fashion, continues to break barriers. Alassane Diong, the emerging talent in French cinema, brings a fresh face and raw edge to the campaign, enriching the narrative with his charisma and style. Explore the full collection at the official Marine Serre website.

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