The Pulse of the City: Marine Serre’s SS24 Campaign with Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow strikes a pose in a confectionery, leaning on a display case filled with sweets. She sports a Marine Serre SS24 black leather jacket, paired with bold accessories including large hoop earrings and a statement watch.

This vibrant image is part of Marine Serre’s SS24 campaign, featuring Winnie Harlow as she exudes urban sophistication in a lively confectionery setting. Harlow is captured leaning casually on a sleek counter, her hand supporting her chin, as she gazes directly at the camera with confidence. She wears a sleek black leather jacket with distinct embossed details, emblematic of Marine Serre’s contemporary design ethos. The jacket’s refined style is amplified by Harlow’s choice of accessories: oversized hoop earrings, an eye-catching watch, and a unique ring, all of which complement her bold look. Behind her, the glow of the confectionery display casts a warm light, highlighting an array of sweets that tantalize in the background.

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