Fashion editorial

The universe in my hands

November 8, 2021

The universe in my hands is a fashion editorial that takes inspiration from new images captured by NASA's James Webb telescope. The photos come in parallel with society.

Like the Carina Nebula, our society “seeds” new individuals, rising
stars, that had previously been hidden. The birth of these propagates
over time, with their violent winds and great energy as they form, infusing significant momentum and energy.

The universe's greatest secret is that nothing is impossible; we are born as blank pieces of paper, programming ourselves. Eventually, our dream ends, and we form one with the universe. Let us inspire future generations to turn the impossible into the possible, the brightness of our star will be our mark in the universe, and only your mind will change it.

Art direction by Chris Blane 
Photography and post-production by Vinyet Feliubadaló
Photo assistant: Javier Fenoll

Styling by Mora Giordana
Model: Chris Blane with Trend Models SPAIN
Makeup by Mika Ficer

3D Design by Pedro Santiago

Lingerie by ANDRES SARDA, gloves, heels, rings, and earrings by AGUSTINA ROS
Top and skirt by PACO RABANNE, jewelry by AGUSTINA ROS
Dress by TOM FORD, heels by THE ATTICO, earrings by BALENCIAGA, rings by AGUSTINA ROS
Top, pants, and gloves by RGV, earrings by AGUSTINA ROS, boots by VERSACE
Bodysuits by ANDRES SARDA, heels and stockings by VERSACE, glasses by ACNE STUDIOS, jewelry by AGUSTINA ROS
Jacket by BALMAIN, ear cuff by AGUSTINA ROS