THEUNISSEN SS24: A Nod to Uninhibited Femininity in the Heart of Paris

October 8, 2023

THEUNISSEN's SS24 collection paints a vivid portrait of a woman in her most carefree form – wandering through sunlit boulevards by day and transitioning to sophisticated soirées by night. A brand synonymous with capturing the zeitgeist of the moment, THEUNISSEN once again has us yearning for the essence of Parisian summer vacations.

An Electrifying Show at the Chinese Cultural Center

Set against the historic backdrop of Paris's Chinese Cultural Center, Ariane THEUNISSEN's fashion show became the city's coveted invitation. Amplifying the ambiance was DJ Tovan Kao, whose pulsating beats echoed the brand's very ethos—powerful, rhythmic, and unmistakably in vogue.

Craftsmanship that Celebrates Femininity

Walking a delicate balance between structured silhouettes and flowing elegance, the collection presents a rich tapestry of hues and designs. Its essence lies in its attention to detail—the strategic cuts, meticulous choice of fabrics, and the innate ability to accentuate the female form. From clinging closely to body curves to unveiling unexpected skin, the designs scream sensuality.

Echoing the chic and avant-garde style of the '80s, the collection reintroduces us to exaggerated hourglass figures, dominant XXL shoulders, and cinched waists, all encapsulating an era when fashion was unapologetically bold.

Collaborations that Enhance the Vision

The modernity of THEUNISSEN's vision was complemented seamlessly by vintage jewelry pieces from Upcycles Anicet. Adding to the glamour were shoes from Francesca Bellavita, gracing the runway under the poised steps of the models.

A model wearing an original creation from the womenswear summer 2024 collections in Paris from the house of Arianne Theunissen

Remaining true to her commitment to sustainability and promoting local artisanship, Ariane THEUNISSEN ensured that her collection was not only conceptualized but also brought to life in Paris. The materials, sourced mainly from the leftover inventories of renowned fashion houses, further amplify the brand's dedication to eco-friendly fashion.