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Thom Browne releases first fragrance

Thom Browne releases first fragrance

New York designer Thom Browne announces a new family of fragrances. The six fragrances all take vetiver as a common thread and imagine fragrant experiences for day and night. Cucumber 01, Grapefruit 02, Rose 03 are for daytime while Whiskey 04 and Smoke 05 are appropriate for night. Finally there is Vetyver Absolute for the true vetiver lover.

Read more about the new collection below.

Thom Browne’s vetyver blend is the base signature of all fragrances. It contains a high concentration of Haitian Vetyver oil.

The collection will be available at Thom Browne stores, and Dover Street Market boutiques globally in early October.

a spectrum in gold, from lightness to dark 

six scents, six identities, suspended in glass

thom browne does vetyver in six different stories …

but first, an excavation,

through grey faille paper, through red, white and blue grosgrain. 

through lacquer black, through heavy crystal glass,

until, finally, a custom vetyver accord …

in purest distillation, 

a story written in bold,

vetyver absolute 09.27.65…

from there, three interpretations of day.

cucumber and grapefruit, freshness and light. and

the hinting of rose…

then day turns to night, 

whiskey decants from crystal,

resinous wood gives off a halo of warmth…

curl of smoke, ember glow

an amber glint through steuben glass.…

conceived in new york, made in france,

for men and women, women and men. 

a common thread of vetyver, 

individuality found in uniformity…

Image by Amp Frugier, courtesy of Thom Browne.

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