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TikTok star Piff Peterson walks the red carpet at the VMAs

TikTok star Piff Peterson walks the red carpet at the VMAs

TikTok Star, Piff Peterson Walks the Red Carpet at the VMAs
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TikTok Star, Piff Peterson Walks the Red Carpet at the VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards has become a cultural fixture of scandals and flashy performances. This year was no different; it was a night full of events. With the pre-show red carpet, Taylor Swift’s opening performance, and Lil Nas X’s big win, there was, as always, plenty to talk about.

Do you ever wonder how it would be like to attend that kind of a show? We do, too. We caught up with viral TikTok star and comedic genius, Piff Peterson on his out of body experience walking the red carpet at television’s most fun night in music.

RAIN: This was your first time at the VMAs, right? How did that come about?

Piff Peterson: Yeah, it was really random. I got a call from my manager and they said, ‘Hey, I know it’s a quick turnaround, but can you fly out to New York City for the VMAs?’ I was like, ‘uh, sure.” Initially I thought I was going to be doing press on the red carpet because they have done that before with other TikTokers…like BuzzFeed style questions.

No, they actually wanted me to walk the red carpet! The next thing I remember is standing on the carpet next to Taylor Swift and all these other celebrities from the ‘You Need to Calm Down’ music video. It was unreal!

Did you have your outfit ready?

I had everything kind of ready except my shirt. I only had a day to get ready so I said, ‘you know what I’m going to find my shirt in New York city, cause, you know, it’s one of the fashion capitals.’ So on the day of the show, I rushed into a thrift store on Broadway and found my shirt.

Now, I think you have the answer to the question on everyone’s mind. What was Peppa wearing?

Pepp-pa…Haha. I actually had a little Peppa in my fanny pack, which is basically my man purse. But I kept my little Peppa in there in case I wanted to break it out, but sadly I didn’t get to. I was actually thinking of ordering a Peppa shirt to my hotel. I thought that would have been so funny to wear. Maybe next year.

TikTok Star, Piff Peterson Walks the Red Carpet at the VMAs
YouTuber Piff Peterson arrives for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on August 26, 2019. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

What was the craziest thing you saw at the VMAs?

I guess me being so close to these celebrities like Fetty Wap and Queen Latifah. There was like an out of body moment I had where I thought, ‘woah, I can’t believe that I’m here considering I never thought this would happen even just a few months ago.’

I wish I had a crazy story to tell. I was a little nervous to go up to celebrities and ask for pictures. I did go up to Asher Angel because I think he’s really cool. I don’t know too much about the red carpet etiquette on asking for photos.

Did you and James Charles makeup after you “leaked” that Omegle video?

Haha. No. I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet him because some of my biggest videos on TikTok relate to him. I also really want to meet Nick Jonas since he reposted my infamous conspiracy theory about him!

James had a wild year.

It’s so crazy how celebrities can bounce back from all that stuff. I mean even the YouTubers that were there like Tana Mongeau and James Charles. They’ve both been canceled.

Yeah, multiple times.

They have been and here they are, walking and owning it on the red carpet…and James’ fiasco was only four months ago. That’s crazy how that can happen and how quickly they can bounce back.

Was there any one celebrity that was best or worst dressed? 

Okay. I love Lil Nas X’s style. I loved his silver red carpet look, what he wore during his performance…his red cowboy outfit. I love his style and how he’s doing it. I also liked Nakita Dragun’s three people – three humans included with the outfit. That was definitely something else. That whole parade just walked in right after us.

I’m surprised Lil Nas X didn’t show up on a horse.

That would have been epic!

He also started on TikTok, right?

Yes, so one of my really good friends, NiceMichael…he was one of the first people to start this trend on TikTok where you wear normal clothes then you spin with the camera and the next cut is you transforming into a cowboy outfit. So when the song became a bop, I got really excited to be on TikTok because I’m like, ‘hey that song is from TikTok, but the meme also started with my friend.’

So your friend essentially helped created Lil Nas X. 

Yeah, I’ve done a lot of research on his history and how he kept trying to meme the song and it started picking up in early 2019. I wonder how he feels being where he was a year ago to where he is now like winning song of the year. Crazy how that can happen in only a year. I guess that was the theme of the night: how fast it can all happen.

What did you think of Taylor Swift’s performance?

I am a huge Taylor fan since forever ago. I listened to her new album “Lover” once and thought, ‘it’s good,’ but then like every Taylor Swift album, it gets better the more I listen it. I start to get the messages behind it. ‘The Man’ is definitely my favorite song because it talks about how if she were a man, if her moves would be strategic or calculated…that’s an interesting way to think about things.

How would you explain TikTok to someone, who has never used the app before?

I’m 23 and the best way I explain it to people around my age is to compare it to the now defunct app, Vine. You can make 15 or 60 second videos of whatever you want. They can be funny or simple. The reason why everyone loves it so much is because anyone can do it. You can do it with your friends. Then you just put your video along to some music and you’re done.

“I don’t really take things too seriously, at least when it comes to my persona. I definitely like to do parodies and trolling people is a big thing.”

On TikTok you are known for being a prankster. Would you consider yourself that way?

I don’t really take things too seriously, at least when it comes to my persona. I definitely like to do parodies and trolling people is a big thing. It’s kind of in my family’s culture! All my conspiracy videos are total jokes. My most recent one with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber was good timing for the VMAs. I was hoping one of them would reach out and say, ‘hey, I loved that!’

My biggest video was with Marshmellow and James Charles. Marshmellow actually messaged me and said ‘hey.’ I was like, ‘Hi James’ and he joked, ‘shh, shh, don’t tell.’

What is something your fans wouldn’t know about you from your videos or social media?

I’m definitely not as personal as maybe other people are on social media. But I do want them to know that I appreciate every single person who is watching my videos. I really do.

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