Exclusive: Timothée Chalamet Nominated in Style at 2024 Golden Globes in CELINE HOMME

January 8, 2024

In a close-up at the Golden Globe Awards, Timothée Chalamet exudes elegance with a detailed view of his black sequined blazer, its pattern intricate and catching the light. His open-collar black shirt frames a statement silver necklace, and his poised expression reflects his status as a fashion-forward figure in the industry.

At the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards, Timothée Chalamet, a beacon of modern style, was adorned in CELINE HOMME by Hedi Slimane. His outfit was a blend of youthful spirit and timeless luxury, reflecting Slimane’s distinctive design ethos.

Timothée Chalamet exudes elegance at the Golden Globes in a sparkling black wool gabardine jacket by CELINE HOMME. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, courtesy of CELINE)

Rising Star and Fashion Icon

Before delving into the intricacies of his outfit, it's worth noting that Chalamet was at the Golden Globes as a nominee for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for his role in "Wonka". This nomination is Chalamet's third at the Golden Globes, signifying his rising status not only in Hollywood's acting echelons but also as a style icon on the red carpet. While he did not clinch the award this time, his presence was much anticipated, especially to see his choice of attire, which did not disappoint.

Full-length view of Timothée Chalamet on the Golden Globes red carpet, showcasing his CELINE HOMME ensemble with sleek Chelsea boots. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images, courtesy of CELINE)

Intricate Details Shine

Chalamet’s embroidered wool gabardine jacket was the highlight of the evening, showcasing the craftsmanship of CELINE HOMME. Its elaborate details played with light, emphasizing the night’s sophisticated ambiance.

Backstage Brilliance: Timothée Chalamet strikes a reflective pose at the piano, dressed in CELINE HOMME's exquisite textures, captured by Julian Ungano.

Avant-Garde Meets Classic

A bold cropped top in black added a modern twist to the classic tuxedo look, blending Slimane’s forward-thinking vision with Chalamet’s charismatic presence.

Sleek Silhouette

The ensemble included grain de poudre wool tuxedo pants and glossy calfskin Chelsea boots, striking a balance between sharp tailoring and contemporary flair.

Photo: Julian Ungano.

Fashion’s Forward Movement

Chalamet’s Golden Globes appearance exemplifies the evolving narrative of men’s fashion, where Hedi Slimane’s artistry continually pushes the boundaries.