BEVZA’s SS’24 Collection: A Blossoming Ode to a Bright Future

September 12, 2023

BEVZA, the fashion brand synonymous with minimalism and sustainability, has unveiled a collection for SS24 that ignites the spirit of passionate and mindful youth. With this collection, BEVZA doesn't merely make a fashion statement; it crafts a vivid vision for a world drenched in peace and optimism.

Svitlana Bevza

A Blooming Inspiration

Diving into the heart of this collection, we discover a fascination with the color white, a cornerstone of BEVZA's design philosophy. However, this season introduces a fresh element - the marigold flower, radiating as a central motif. In Ukraine, marigolds, affectionately known as "Chornobryvets," have inspired generations with their vibrant charm. These blooms are the embodiment of hope and resurgence, signifying that wherever a marigold takes root, it thrives. Svitlana Bevza, the visionary behind the brand, shares the personal story behind this choice.

My grandfather cherished marigolds, and in his memory, for two decades, I nurtured the seeds he gifted me on my Kyiv balcony. Though circumstances led me away from home, his memory remained. I wish for these flowers to bloom everywhere.

Nature's Beauty in Design

The collection seamlessly weaves the delicate allure of tulip petals and the rugged elegance of spikelets into its tapestry. Tulip petals grace the hems of skirts and dresses, infusing a sense of vulnerability and grace into the designs. Meanwhile, spikelets make their presence felt in the collection, adorning bag hardware and jewelry, symbolizing fertility and renewal, enriching the narrative.

A Collection with Purpose

BEVZA's SS'24 collection is distinguished by three pillars: youth, sustainability, and tenacity. In a harmonious blend of traditional Ukrainian craftsmanship and contemporary artistry, the collection introduces ancient Ukrainian jewelry made of beads, woven intricately into modern dress details. This infusion of heritage into contemporary design underscores the significance of preserving artisanal skills.

Furthermore, BEVZA's sustainability ethos shines brightly throughout the collection. Many pieces are crafted using zero-waste fabric technology, exemplifying the brand's dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible fashion practices.

In essence, BEVZA's SS24 collection transcends mere fashion; it weaves a visual tapestry that resonates with the values and ambitions of today's youth—a generation fervently dedicated to crafting a world aglow with peace and sustainability, one marigold at a time.

BEVZA Spring Summer 2024 Full Collection