UGG and Gallery Dept. Blend Art and Iconic Classics in Exciting Footwear Collaboration

February 24, 2024

A pair of UGG x Gallery Dept. Tasman Slippers with chestnut suede adorned with colorful jewels and studs against a beige background.

UGG®, the iconic global lifestyle brand celebrated for its signature footwear, unites with the cutting-edge unisex fashion house Gallery Dept. to reinvent the Classic Boot and Tasman Slipper. Launching February 23, 2024, this partnership transcends design ideas into a blend of wearable art, sustainability, and timeless style.

Artistic Vision Meets Iconic Design

"UGG boots are easily one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I do everything in them, and they are so comfortable," muses Josué Thomas, Gallery Dept.'s visionary founder. Drawing from his paint-splattered UGG® Classics, Thomas adorns each boot with jewels and studs, dotting them like a canvas to embody his signature artistic splatter, transforming footwear into a gallery of wearable art. This collection is not just footwear; it's wearable art that celebrates individual expression and the beauty of artistic intervention.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Excellence

Echoing both brands' ethos, the UGG Gallery Dept. Tasman and Classic Short, available in chestnut suede or black leather, strike a harmonious balance between luxury and eco-consciousness. The collection's Twinface sheepskin, sourced from farms championing regenerative agriculture, not only showcases UGG's commitment to environmental stewardship but also ensures each piece contributes to a healthier planet. "With a shared appreciation for timeless pieces, responsibly made, from the finest materials, Josué has created beautiful products that are also kind to the Earth," Anne Spangenberg, UGG's President, remarks.

Unparalleled Comfort and Artistic Appeal

This collaboration elevates UGG's famed comfort and durability, blending the brand's heritage with a fresh wave of artistic flair. "Every piece has a history and we want the customer to gain a sense of appreciation of how materials age, and how that can be beautiful," shares Thomas. This unique blend ensures that each piece is not only a testament to comfort but also a reflection of one's artistic journey.

A Personal Invitation to a World of Art and Comfort

Each pair, uniquely crafted with paint and embellishments, invites wearers to find their match, weaving their personal stories into the fabric of these artful creations, deepening the connection with each step. This collection is more than just footwear; it's about pieces that carry personal stories, evolving with the wearer and standing as testaments to life's rich tapestry.

Dive into the collection on UGG’s official website, where the spirit of each piece is vividly captured through high-resolution imagery. Experience the fusion of art and comfort that defines this unique collaboration.

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