Uma Wang spring summer 2023

October 3, 2022

Uma Wang presents the spring summer 2023 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week.

A gaze into the wilderness

"In every walk into nature, one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir

Sinking your feet into primordia, warm, red, sand, immersing yourself in the colors of the sunrise, grasping the adlexity of the smell after rain everything our senses intercept goes deeper into memory becoming a permanent piece of us.

"Going out" is "really going in” words of
Muir. Nature calls and breaks all outlines and taboos - gives the liberation the human soul so sincerely.

A humbling and invigorating experience,
of fresh morning breeze at its purest - this collection aspires to pass it on the viewer. Sophisticated tailoring, fluid silhouettes, earthy tones, refined fabrics with a raw feel: the essence of Uma Wang - elevated and grounded at once. Merged with sheer, cloud-like materials, organic textures and embracing knitwear, enhance the accessories that keep connecting us to faraway tribes and their deep respect for the soil.

Geometric shapes and floral prints recall an ancestral and virgin past, while crispy nylon and technical silks elevate the collection to what the designer always seeks - being ahead of time, not forgetting the origins.