Un’Estate Italiana: Kiton’s Radiant Ode to Italian Summers for Women’s Spring/Summer 2024

September 27, 2023

Kiton's new women’s collection, Un’Estate Italiana—An Italian Summer, is a symphony of eternal summer essence, encapsulating the vivid imageries, hues, and scents of some unforgettable summers. It is a sophisticated reflection of Italy's iconic landscapes and a celebration of vibrant palettes and delicate textures, an echo of self-indulgence and relaxation.

Artistic Ode to Italian Landscapes

The collection is an exploration and homage to the whispers of the aromatic orange blossoms of Sicily, the strong olive trees of Puglia, and the vibrant sunsets of the Amalfi Coast. It offers a retreat into a vivid world, a journey through Italy's breathtaking landscapes and a portrayal of tranquil and minimalist designs symbolizing leisure and freedom, all while echoing the liberating essence of summer.

Sartorial Journey through Regions

Starting in Sicily, integrating silks and linens, Kiton takes us to Puglia, showcasing a spectrum of greens representing lively, nature-embracing women and concluding in Campania, where the earth is a canvas painted in hues from yellow to bronze, reflecting freshness and the quintessential freedom of Italian summers.

Final Flourishes

Materials and textures play a pivotal role in Kiton’s SS24 collection, with a variety of fabrics, including eternal classics like cashmere, all enhanced with intricate prints and patterns. The collection is complemented by a range of accessories, each piece being a rendition of the colorful, pattern-rich, and bold essence of an Italian summer.

Un’Estate Italiana is a sensory walk through the sun-soaked landscapes of Italy, intertwining immaculate tailoring with the timeless charm of Italian summers. It’s a blend of tradition and modernity, offering a piece of eternal summer to those who embrace it. Discover more on