Unveiling Meta Campania Collective’s Season 05: Effortless Versatility and Captivating Colors for a Stylish Summer

June 24, 2023

Meta Campania Collective unveils its highly anticipated Season 05 collection, embracing the spirit of summer ease and comfort. With versatile pieces designed for both city life and natural destinations, the collection showcases a harmonious blend of exquisite fabrics, elevated silhouettes, and a captivating color palette. Let's explore the highlights of this remarkable collection that epitomizes luxury nonchalance.


Effortless Fabrics for Elevated Comfort

The Season 05 collection introduces natural, precious, and ultralightweight fabrics that expand the brand's material vocabulary. Silk, crochet, cottons, cotton-cashmere blends, raw denim, lightweight cashmere, and mesh knitwear create an elevated and effortless feel, ensuring comfort without compromising style.

Captivating Color Palette

The collection's color palette mirrors the rich easiness of the fabric selection. Light beige, warm greys, earthy browns, and khakis provide a soothing backdrop, while black, midnight, ice blue, and meta blue add depth and contrast. Seasonal highlights of orange and purple infuse the collection with vibrancy.

Expanded Silhouettes and Lengths

Drawing inspiration from the artist's wardrobe, the Season 05 collection features added length and volume for a breezy and stylish look. A hooded wrap trench in lightweight cotton offers protection from sudden downpours, while a boxy, hooded blouson combines functionality and comfort. Oversized shorts in exquisite materials pair effortlessly with workwear jackets or short-sleeved shirts, embodying luxurious everyday wear.

Warm Weather Layering Options

The collection provides versatile layering options for warmer climates. Slouchy shirts made from ultra-soft felted cashmere and stone-washed chambray shirts offer lightweight and stylish options. Complementing the looks are sandals and slippers that add the brand's signature luxury nonchalance to every ensemble.

Formal Transitions and Redefined Sophistication

For formal occasions, Season 5 introduces a raw silk suit in an elegant ice blue hue. The collection also presents a redesigned double-breasted jacket tailored from lightweight wool. These pieces seamlessly transition from formal to informal, allowing for effortless day-to-night styling. When paired with a cotton tank top, they strike the perfect balance between sophistication and ease.

The Artistic Spirit: Samuel Fasse and the Octopus Mascot

Meta Campania Collective collaborates with multidisciplinary visual artist Samuel Fasse, whose hand-drawn octopus serves as the brand's mascot. The octopus, symbolizing the independent spirit of an artist, appears throughout the collection as printed and embroidered designs on jersey pieces. Fasse's performative installations and collaborative works exemplify the brand's commitment to artistic expression.

Meta Campania Collective's Season 05 collection showcases effortless versatility for Spring/Summer 2024. With a focus on comfort, quality, and luxury nonchalance, the collection's exquisite fabrics, expanded silhouettes, and captivating color palette offer endless styling possibilities. Embrace the spirit of effortless sophistication and indulge in the elevated ease of Meta Campania Collective's latest collection.