Unveiling the Enigmatic: LOEWE Women’s Fall Campaign 2023

August 31, 2023

The boundary between reality and illusion becomes indistinguishable in the latest LOEWE women's Fall 2023 campaign. Helmed by renowned photographer David Sims, the campaign navigates a realm of blurred ambiances, perfectly echoing the collection's blurred prints that define its essence.

Taylor Russell and Tang Wei: Suspended in Time

In this visual symphony, LOEWE's Global Brand Ambassador, actress, and director Taylor Russell and acclaimed actress Tang Wei take center stage. Set within a suspended time and an erased place, the two women are captured engaging with a pair of glasses and mirrors. They hold the iconic Puzzle tote, a marvel of foldable design, and the unlined nappa leather Squeeze Bag—a soft sculpture complete with a customizable-length chain and a squeezy handle. The delicate equilibrium between the ethereal lightness and intricate craftsmanship of these objects adds to the overall aura of suspension.

A Surreal Continuum: Men's and Women's Campaigns

The campaign threads an allegorical symbolism that traverses the men's FW23 campaign—a tapestry of trio models reclining on a table draped in feather dresses, clutching the emblematic Squeeze bag. Still life metamorphoses into uncanny visuals that expose the essence of desire. The Puzzle Edge, Flamenco, Goya, and Paseo bags, alongside the Toy and Bow pumps, are depicted in their raw essence—objects of pure longing and admiration. The visual enigma within these compositions is both reductionist and hauntingly surreal.

Meet the Cast: Tang Wei and Taylor Russell

Tang Wei, an award-winning Chinese actress renowned for her roles in international films, brings her enigmatic presence to the campaign. Notable for her appearances in cinematic gems like "Late Autumn" and "Finding Mr. Right," Tang Wei embodies the essence of this visual enigma. Additionally, her upcoming project "Wonderland" adds to her captivating repertoire.

Taylor Russell, acclaimed Canadian actress, director, and LOEWE Global Brand Ambassador, enchants with her multifaceted talent. Known for her remarkable roles in films such as "Bones and All" and "Waves," Russell's artistic journey is marked by versatility. Her cinematic prowess extends beyond acting, as seen in her directorial debut "The Heart Still Hums." Currently making waves in the National Theatre's production of "The Effect," alongside Paapa Essiedu, Russell's trajectory is illuminated by excellence. With upcoming projects including "Mother Couch" and "Hope," her star continues to ascend, beautifully mirroring LOEWE's ethos of continuous reinvention and exploration. Explore more on