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Versace fall winter 2022

Versace fall winter 2022

Donatella Versace presents the Versace fall winter 2022 collection as part of Milan Fashion Week. In one of her strongest showings in recent memory, the FW22 collection is the first collection to truly capture a new generational attitude. Walking with their hands on their hip, this collection screams, “what of it?”

The corset casts a long shadow as it is imagined in the pattern of a blazer, or as a top or dress. This design takes a powerful symbol of feminine restraint and archaic beauty standards and flips it on its head. Walking along side these looks are more powerful women in suits and oversized coats with masculine boxy shoulders. Our favorite moment is a pair of waxy oversized denim jeans that recalls the flair of the early aughts.

Ultimately, this is a collection where masculine fabrications and forms turn feminine and vice versa. This versatile wardrobe swims beneath an attitude of being unapologetically fabulous. This how Donatella once again redefines her Versace woman.

“Our cast of Versace Women for Fall-Winter 2022 is exciting. Girls like Avanti, Anyier and Tilly perfectly represent a Versace with new generation attitude and they champion diversity. They embody the energy running through the collection and the looks built on contrast and tension—like an elastic band pulled tight and about to snap-back with a build-up of energy. That feeling is just irresistible to me. It opens new possibilities and makes things happen.” 

Donatella Versace

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