Versace resort 2022

June 16, 2021

Versace unveiled its latest Resort 2022 collection through a fun and graphic look book. The forty-four look collection channeled the influence of psychedelia as a means to express an explosion of optimism. Donatella Versace said of the collection:

“I think there’s a renewed sense of optimism right now and I wanted this collection to speak to that. This season is about having fun with fashion again and it feels right to put something positive into the world. We will never return to the old world or to the old “normal”, there’s no going backwards. This is what the new now looks like to me.” 

We couldn't agree more. Against a backdrop of soft pastels, fun microchecks and the emblematic Versace logo give the collection a sense of freedom in luxurious leisure. Conservative silhouettes are updated with bold colors. A pump displays an unmistakeable 70s flare. A few looks seem to reimagine what the iconic film Clueless might look like if it were filmed today. Athleisure and streetwear gets a funky twist with patterns that recall the music festival posters of the Woodstock age.

This is a collection that takes Versace to new ground, no doubt reaching a younger consumer who appreciates an injection of fun into their wardrobe.