Vetements spring summer 2022

May 31, 2021

What is reality today? Is that picture photoshopped or real? Are we imprisoned in our own homes? Are we losing the human touch and the human connection? Do we consume the internet or has the internet consumed us? Do we live in a matrix?

This collection is about many things:
Deconstructed tailoring is engineered to be worn separately or built into complex reinvented multilayered garments and silhouettes allowing hundreds possible variations. 3d modelling and digital pattern modifications used to transform iconic garments into new proportions.
Traditional craftsmanship meets cutting edge technologies. Tailored wool and cashmere knits are fully transformed as never attempted before – dipped in liquid metals, heat stamped, sprayed with paint and 3d printed.

New innovative fabrics are fully developed from scratch in-house using sustainably produced fibres and threads. Sartorial techniques are used to create tailored pyjamas to be worn out, worn at home or put in a hand luggage when travel becomes possible again.

Fancy clothing buttons are redesigned as custom jewellery. Wires and drill bits are reimagined in classic chain and floral print layouts. Photos of nature digitally reinterpreted in surreal prints for instant visual stimulation.

A wall covered in graffiti scanned into a virtual print and transferred on leather jackets.

Remember we are single and ready to mingle, as well as the Devil does wear VETEMENTS.
Wires have become the only way for us to stay connected to the outside world and the reality we live in. Are we becoming wires ourselves? How many steps are left until we become computerized, until we become machines?
From VETEMENTS with love