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Virgil Abloh has passed at 41, here are some of his greatest moments on and off the runway

Virgil Abloh has passed at 41, here are some of his greatest moments on and off the runway

Virgil Abloh has had an undeniable impact on fashion and culture. An innovator of marketing and image, Abloh quickly found himself at the top of the fashion world as the men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton. In addition to DJing and helming his own label, Off-White, Abloh also dabbled in visual arts and design. Though controversial to fashion insiders who felt his guiding philosophy of changing codes by 3% to create something “new” often bordered on plagiarism (it did), Abloh’s impact on fashion and design cannot be understated.


Much like the creations of Virgil Abloh, his philosophies and brand designs were rooted in the philosophies of many artists and thinkers that came before him: Marcel Duchamp, Dadaism, Baudrillard’s simulacra and simulation, and Derrida’s often misunderstood sentiment that “there is nothing that exists outside the text.” These ideas formed the foundation of Abloh’s visual language and brand codes for his own label and were most apparent in his physical runway shows, or as we see many of them: as installations.


Below, we capture some of our favorite moments of the late designer who above all else was unafraid to shake things up. His legacy is difficult to gauge mainly because he wanted to be known as an artist whose original idea was that there are no original ideas…a post-modern conundrum that culture is still grappling with. One thing is for certain: Abloh enabled and amplified many voices that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. His approach to fashion, design, and marketing can only be described as something of a paradigm shift for fashion.

Virgil’s Off-White Fall Winter 2019/2020 runway show installation questioning what constitutes our reality vs. digital reality

The Louis Vuitton Men’s FW2020 collection which was later photographed by Tim Walker (next).

The Louis Vuitton Men’s FW2020 Campaign photographed by Tim Walker

Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with the NBA

The purple Louis Vuitton pop-up store “temporary residency” in Soho, Manhattan

The Off-White Resort 2021 collection

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection

The 2054 Louis Vuitton ski collection photographed by Jean-Vincent Simonet

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