Vivienne Westwood celebrates the digital launch of a new quirky lookbook

March 14, 2023

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood celebrates its new autumn winter 2023 collection with a quirky, fun lookbook. It's a DIY POV: photos at the mall, in bed, going for a bike-ride; casual vibes with a wink of irony.

Vivienne Westwood Autumn Winter 2023
Vivienne Westwood Autumn Winter 2023
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Vivienne Westwood Autumn Winter 2023

We continue our journey through the world of interiors, the everyday spaces in which our daily lives are lived, reflecting our sense of belonging and home.

Nostalgia for the past.

A living room inside a Romani vardo, faded tapestries, antique wardrobes bursting with vintage furs, graffitied silks and quilted throws.

Nomads - gathering objects and materials on a never-ending journey.

The result - a collection that combines eras, styles and cultures.

A Universal perspective.

Fabrics are mixed together in a clash of textures, prints and purposes; bio fur and synthetic leather, Meaningless prints, old Hollywood tailoring & 17 Century ruff shirting. Floral prints and jacquards sit with printed velvet soft suiting, lace and leopard print.


"Atomage'- dressing for 'Pleasure' boots and London boxers.

Earthy tartans, worn together and clashed with checks, and recycled patchwork tartan bags, hand-made in Kenya. Madras Tartan platforms & Vivienne Clompers - the sense of a wardrobe collected over time, over continents.

In denim, garments are ripped and cut out; velvet is mixed and trimmed with printed fetzen, as though repaired. A Brushstroke print is applied across tailoring, organic denim and dresses, and appears as if hand painted. Knitwear is patched together, screen-printed and hand-painted with vegetable dyes.

The notion - D.I.Y

We shot the collection in Peter Jones- it was our favourite shop. It's a store for everyone. You can find everything you need. It's an English institution. We also shot at Sadie Coles 'gallery in Mayfair, she's a friend and we were allowed to shoot with the art, Jonathan Lyndon Chase - great paintings & great sculptures. Then all around town - Carnaby Street, Soho. It's a mix of London, Londoners.

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