Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS24: A Sentimental Tribute with Pamela Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Barbara Palvin, and More

October 9, 2023

Nine months after the loss of revolutionary fashion icon, Dame Vivienne Westwood, the fashion industry continues to feel her absence deeply. Her long-time partner and collaborator, Andreas Kronthaler, the creative force behind her label, unveiled a poignant collection in her memory.

For Spring/Summer 2024, Kronthaler presented "43 Old Town", a tribute to their shared home, reimagining 39 signature Westwood looks. This deep dive into Westwood’s iconic wardrobe began with a stirring live musical performance, setting a powerful tone for the show.

Highlights from the Collection

As attendees settled into their seats, the venue, immersed in an enveloping darkness, suddenly illuminated with a burst of vigor. The show began with the inaugural look—a contemporary reimagination of Westwood’s iconic Inferno Jacket from Fall/Winter 2004/05.

As the show continued, the audience witnessed awe-inspiring looks: a dramatic hooded cape paired perfectly with a luxurious silk Jacquard dress, complemented by stark black sunglasses and bold red lip stains; the raffia lace dress, a tribute to Westwood’s “Storm In a Teacup” collection, shimmered in gilded hues; and a pair of pristine white Infanta dresses harking back to SS12’s “War & Peace.”

These pieces transcended fashion. They were emblematic of Kronthaler and Westwood’s enduring love, their joint commitment to challenging conventions, and the fashion revolution they had always championed.

“The collection consists of all the clothes Vivienne wore and all the clothes we made together over the past 30 years,” Kronthaler remarked, capturing the inspiration behind the collection.

Kronthaler's Tribute to Westwood

The SS24 collection stands as a heartfelt homage to Dame Vivienne Westwood. Kronthaler's approach was deeply emotional, profoundly rooted in honoring the legacy of Westwood. More than a retrospective, this collection delves into an authentic reflection of their shared history, ensuring that the spirit of Vivienne Westwood endures, vibrant and influential as ever.

SS24's Dazzling Show in the Heart of Paris

In celebrating this shared history and legacy, the grand stage for this edition of 'Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood' was set at the luxurious Pavillon Vendome in Paris. The opulence of the location echoed the magnificence of Westwood's enduring creative legacy, further amplified by Kronthaler's touching tribute.

A Deeper Insight

As Kronthaler noted, this was no ordinary retrospective. "I organised and numbered Vivienne’s personal wardrobe...Revisited. Reworked." He expressed deep admiration for Westwood's unique dressing style and her timeless approach to fashion.

The Celestial Celebration

The front row of this spectacular showcase was graced by notable personalities like Munroe Bergdorf, Christina Hendricks, and Pamela Anderson. Other esteemed guests included Barbara Palvin, Coco Rocha, and Jefferson Hack. Check out the afterparty dinner celebration here and our exclusive backstage coverage here. The runway itself sparkled with familiar faces, such as Westwood’s granddaughter Cora Corre, models Irina Shayk, and Amelia Gray.

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