WE11DONE Presents “Remnants of Home” in Tribute to Do Ho Suh’s Legacy

September 10, 2023

WE11DONE has unveiled its highly anticipated spring/summer 2024 collection, a fittingly titled masterpiece known as "Remnants of Home." This extraordinary collection pays a heartfelt tribute to the profound influence of the renowned artist Do Ho Suh.

Widely celebrated for his transformative contributions to memorialization and architectural artistry, Suh's unparalleled work has served as a wellspring of inspiration for WE11DONE.

In this collection, the brand ventures into uncharted creative territory, defying conventional boundaries and merging the realms of sculpture and fashion. "Remnants of Home" beautifully captures growing up in Korea, delicately celebrating the familiar while presenting it through the lens of vividly distorted memories.

A Canvas of Memories: From the Mind to the Runway

Picture the human mind as an expansive, blank canvas stretching out before you, reminiscent of an empty art gallery yearning for the infusion of life and memories. As the mind meanders through its labyrinthine corridors, fragmented recollections begin to coalesce, giving birth to shapes that are at once familiar and surreal.

Within the carefully crafted garments and accessories of this collection, you'll discover the echoes of days gone by—the pleats of a long-forgotten school uniform, the linoleum wood-printed flooring of a cherished family room, and the architectural dimensions of a beloved home, all reimagined in as fashion. Each piece serves as a vessel for storytelling, encapsulating memories much like the subtle reverberations of a belt etched into the contours of a skirt or the faint impression of a blazer and tie embossed onto a midi-dress.

The Tangible Meets the Ephemeral

WE11DONE's collection skillfully blurs the line between the tangible and the ephemeral. Its textures and structures carry an uncanny sense of familiarity, effectively transforming memories into wearable art.

This design philosophy echoes the genius of Do Ho Suh in utilizing fabric to evoke memories as tangible entities. It captures the essence of an object, much like the silhouette of a forgotten detail subtly interwoven into a garment. Belt buckles are reborn as intricate yet disproportionate jewelry, paper-like materials undergo a transformation into precision-cut ensembles, and the lace-trimmed edges of separates evoke the sentiment of a cherished negligee once owned by a loved one. In another dimension of this collection, folded and ruched strapless dresses seamlessly mimic the comforting curves of a childhood blanket.

A Tribute to Homecoming

As WE11DONE returns to Seoul, the brand boldly steps into uncharted territory, where the familiar gracefully transforms into the fantastical, creating an enigmatic waltz of emotions and memories. "Remnants of Home" is a profound journey through time and memory, a heartfelt celebration of heritage, and a captivating exploration of the human experience. In the world of WE11DONE, there's genuinely no place quite like home.

About WE11DONE

WE11DONE emerged from a desire to challenge conventions and blur boundaries. This brand passionately seeks to transcend limits, whether they are old or new, highbrow or low, masculine or feminine, or East or West. Through a profound exploration of contrasts, the WE11DONE team creates fashion that knows no bounds and traverses all frontiers.

For more information about WE11DONE and "Remnants of Home," visit WE11DONE's website.

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