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Ralph Lauren fall 2019

Ralph Lauren fall 2019

Ah, old New York. Does it really ever go out of fashion? We wouldn’t be able to hear an answer over Janelle Monáe’s incredible vocals as she performed jazz and Frank Sinatra hits during Ralph Lauren‘s Fall 2019 Collection presentation in New York.

The show was held in Ralph’s Club, an Art Deco venue that looked back at the opulent New York nightlife of the swinging 20s and roaring 30s. The collection showed beautiful sequin dresses, fur shawls, tuxedos, and even the cute gentsy Polo bear made an appearance. Our favorite looks were a sparkly sequin embroidered suit and a sequin-leather letterman that walked with a plumage adorned skirt.

Ralph Lauren always finds a way to strike a balance between modern adaptations and classic silhouettes. This is what has given the brand such longevity and perhaps this show stands apart as quintessentially Ralph Lauren.

“I’ve always loved the way a woman looks in a tuxedo, from my first women’s collection until now. My Fall 2019 Women’s Collection celebrates that timeless style, more relevant than ever, for the modern woman who is both independent and glamorously contemporary,” Mr. Lauren stated as his inspiration for the collection.

This was ultimately a celebration and adoration for a time and tradition that now seems precious if not completely forgotten for most New Yorkers. But here at RAIN, like the tuxedoed Polo bear, we’ll also take our martinis dirty and with a twist.

Explore the full collection and watch the complete event below.

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