Punk duo WHOKILLEDXIX drops a new EP, ‘Fall Damage’

April 16, 2021

The duo unveiled their long anticipated EP, Fall Damage, last night at midnight. Yung Skayda and Karm the Tool aren't stopping on their journey to show us how punk they can get. After a meteoric rise with their viral TikTok hit, "Kismet," the band continues to consistently release some of the most innovative and hardest hitting bangers in music. Many have taken note including a write up in The Atlantic and a look at their creative process with Interview magazine. Fall Damage flexes their ability to move in and out of the emerging glitchcore scene while still retaining their subversive punk spirit with tracks like "Catfight" and "I Feel Like Dying (feat. Death Tour)."

Take a listen to the full EP below!

"The last year for us, like the rest of the world, has been filled with big swings up and down. The two of us have had some life changing personal growth, but it hasn't come without pitfalls. We tried with this body of music to encapsulate those experiences in the best way we could."

Instagram: @whokilledxix