WOOD WOOD fall winter 2023

February 2, 2023

WOOD WOOD presents the fall winter 2023 collection in Cophenhagen.

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Collection Notes

Meet us on the dance floor, is the resounding statement from WOOD WOOD’s design team for AW23. Rave culture has always reverberated with a sense of community – a space to exist organically, bathed in colourful light, undulating basslines and free of restraints. At the core of WOOD WOOD’s DNA has always been this idea of gathering together for a common cause, so the brand’s latest offering hinges on this concept.

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“Heaven Out Here” is the overarching sentiment – a phrase that wouldn’t go amiss on an old-school rave flier. The graphic phrase is spelled out across studded belts, rhinestone embellished hoodies and a football-inspired scarf, emphasising themes of togetherness and continuity. Essentially, a message designed to last all night and well into the days that follow. The halcyonic hues of a club space also permeate the collection, with vibrant red and acid-green shades featuring across statement denim pieces for both men and women.

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