Wooyoungmi Spring Summer 2025: The Rise of the Far-East Cowboys

June 25, 2024

Text and imagery by Louise Daniel
Collages courtesy of Kevin Pineda

Wooyoungmi’s Spring-Summer 2025 collection pays tribute to the American-born Koreans (ABKs) and their cultural narrative in an evocative showcase that bridges continents and centuries.

Liberation and lean silhouettes dominated the runway during Wooyoungmi’s Spring-Summer 2025 show. This collection, unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, doesn’t just capture the essence of the East and the West but it expands the visual identity and style evolution of the ABK.


Wooyoungmi, a brand known for creative tailoring, reinvents the intersection between two cultures through the themes of yuppie sartorialism, collegiate prep, surfer bohème, agricultural utility, and the classic baseball uniform. It was an intimate and nuanced take on modernizing uniforms from the past into modern sophisticated daywear. Through the precise vision of Madame Youngmi Woo, the brand blurs the lines between what is and what is not creating a beautifully crafted collection that breaks the boundaries of a uniform. 


What would modern-day eastern cowboys wear in the eyes of Madame Woo? They would have to wear cummerbunds cinched with a crisscrossed lacing of early baseball jackets and satin baseball jackets with the WYM logo hand-drawn in the South Korean style seoye calligraphy. 

In the spirit of liberation, structured blazers, crisp shirts, and tailored trousers harken back to the classic American business look. It is reminiscent of the ambitious young Koreans who embraced their new lives with determination and most especially, style. Complementing these are the more relaxed, bohemian pieces – flowy fabrics, eclectic patterns, and layered looks that symbolize the creative and free-spirited aspects of the ABK experience.

Noteworthy pieces include a sharply tailored navy blazer paired with wide-legged trousers, embodying the precision of yuppie formal wear, juxtaposed against a series of silk dresses adorned with intricate, colorful prints that celebrate bohemian freedom. The collection’s color palette ranges from muted, professional tones to vibrant, expressive hues, reflecting the dual worlds the ABKs navigate.

The use of fabrics is particularly striking. Luxurious silks and lightweight linens provide a nod to traditional Korean textiles, while modern materials like neoprene and mesh introduce a contemporary edge. This blend of old and new is emblematic of Wooyoungmi's approach, creating garments that are both timeless and forward-thinking.


Wooyoungmi’s homage to the ABKs is not just a celebration of their past but also a commentary on their present and future. By integrating elements of both Korean and American cultures, the collection underscores the importance of cultural heritage in shaping identity. This is particularly poignant in the context of fashion, an industry that continuously evolves yet remains deeply rooted in tradition.

In conclusion, Wooyoungmi’s Spring-Summer 2025 collection stands as a testament to the rich, complex heritage of American-Born Koreans. Through meticulous design and thoughtful storytelling, Wooyoungmi not only honors the past but also celebrates the vibrant, multifaceted identities that continue to influence and inspire. This collection is a powerful reminder of fashion’s role in cultural dialogue and the celebration of diversity.

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