XIMONLEE spring summer 2023


XIMONLEE presents the SS23 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week, men’s. This season focuses on “creating seductive garments with emphasizes on innovative tailoring and textures.” This season is inspired by “club attire,” with wearability and functionality through fluid pieces. “Chain-lock connected pieces, hand knitted sweaters, laminated textures as well as permanent distress are all techniques explored throughout this season.”

Special performance guest, artist BABYNYMPH
Special performance guest, artist BABYNYMPH

Urban hybrids

XIMONLEE focuses on creating seductive garments with emphasis on innovative tailoring and textures. The looks presented by XIMONLEE is both inspired by and designed for the image of romantic urban hybrids. Based in Berlin, the brand believes in expressing artistic impulses and intellectual curiosities as wearable evidences, as well as blending contemporary elegance with a touch of recklessness.

Also new this season is a collaboration with artist, Tanya V. Abelson. The duo “collaborated and experimented heavily with industrial material for SS23, most notably the rubber wheel, is translated into a spiral top, short skirts and boot pants reiterating its tenacious aesthetic approach.”

“Rooted in underground culture, Ximon presented this collection in a womb-like cellar setting in Paris. With Artist BABYNYMPH as special performance guest. Aimed at reiterating the brands’ devotion to discovering talents and building a community of romantic hybrid creatures alike.”

Explore the full XIMONLEE SS23 collection below.


Runway looks

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