Y-3 Disruption and Elevation: Unveiling Fall/Winter 2023 Chapter 4 Collection

September 29, 2023

Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, continuing their innovative journey, present the fourth chapter of Y-3’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, showcasing a groundbreaking collection of sportswear. With 'Subverted Function' at its core, Y-3 envisions a transformative selection of adaptable garments, footwear, and accessories, filtered through Yamamoto’s uniquely avant-garde perspective.

A Symbiosis of Innovation and Aesthetics

Y-3 draws inspiration from Adidas's revolutionary approach to performance innovation, weaving in dynamic, winter-ready designs that include a range of apparel from puffers and parkas to vests. Featuring intricate metal zips and adjustable snap button closure, the collection allows for sartorial experimentation with asymmetrical looks. The garments further mesmerize with distorted brush stroke motifs, exhibiting engineered prints and graphic executions.

Footwear: A Revolutionary Statement

In this collection, Y-3 is introducing two unprecedented silhouettes: the Y-3 GENDO and the Y-3 KYASU, each embodying the brand’s design philosophy at its zenith. The Y-3 GENDO, remodeling the iconic Adidas Superstar, features a fully hollowed-out TPU plate, distorting the classic silhouette. The Y-3 KYASU explores brutalist renditions of minimalist footwear, available in both high and low cuts with a stitched upper and a robust, block-like outsole. Monochromatic renditions of Y-3 SUPERSTAR, Y-3 MARATHON TR, and Y-3 GAZELLE also highlight the collection, further enriching the footwear narrative.

Complementing the apparel and footwear are a range of winter-ready accessories, including holdall bags, leg warmers, gloves, scarves, balaclavas, and a distinctly wearable vest bag, rounding off the collection’s diverse offering.

A Narrative in Visuals

The launch of this collection is accompanied by a compelling campaign that extends the narrative from Chapter 3, exploring the rich and varied community of artists in Berlin. Through the lens of photographer and casting director Valeria, the visuals capture the stark contrasts and raw intimacy of Berlin’s creative scene, featuring a diverse cast of local artists, students, and music producers, each finding their own path in the city.


Y-3's Fall/Winter 2023 Chapter 4 collection is set to be available from October 1st on, in Y-3 stores, and through select global retailers.

Y-3 continues to redefine conventions, blending avant-garde aesthetics with functional innovation in its latest collection. The collaborative genius of Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto creates a distinctive aesthetic language that fuses disruptive design elements with elevated sportswear. Whether it’s the transformative garments, groundbreaking footwear, or versatile accessories, Y-3’s Fall/Winter 2023 Chapter 4 collection is a celebration of subverted function and elevated design.