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Y/Project spring summer 2020

Y/Project spring summer 2020

Sometimes it’s nice to hear your favorite song sung slightly off key or maybe a guitar riff that extends just a little too long. It’s always interesting to experience something familiar but changed so slightly that it upends your perception and allows for a new appreciation. That is the vibe we get from Glenn Marten’s Y/Project SS2020 collection. Familiar silhouettes and pieces are tweaked slightly allowing for new conversations to begin.

A shirt buttons in an unexpected place or a collar gathers too much fabric. Sometimes the most remarkable things are made by mistake. That idea of randomness and breakdown of perfection is what seems to inspire this collection. It’s an expressive and free way to approach design. There is plenty of romance, historical allusion, and re-appropriation of fine fabrics.

Explore the full collection below. Images courtesy of Y/Project.


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