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Yang Mi Embellishes LOEWE as New Global Brand Ambassador

Yang Mi Embellishes LOEWE as New Global Brand Ambassador

LOEWE introduces renowned Chinese actress Yang Mi as their new Global Brand Ambassador. This union heralds a blend of refined talent and exquisite style, amplifying LOEWE’s global allure.

She will make her debut appearance at LOEWE’s upcoming SS24 women’s runway show in Paris, symbolizing her fresh journey with the brand. Yang Mi’s influence and distinctive style promises an exciting addition to the fashion world.

Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE’s creative director, shares his exhilaration, ‘Yang Mi’s diverse talents and dynamic style harmonize with our brand ethos. We are excited to see the vibrancy she will bring to our collaboration.’

Yang Mi reciprocates the enthusiasm, ‘I’m ecstatic to be a part of the LOEWE family. I admire their artistic approach and Jonathan Anderson’s devotion to craftsmanship. I anticipate creating groundbreaking fashion narratives with LOEWE.’

A Glimpse into Yang Mi’s Journey

A graduate of Beijing Film Academy, Yang Mi has earned acclaim for her roles in numerous projects like Chinese Paladin 3 (2009) and Eternal Love (2017). She’s not just an actress but a style icon, inspiring millions with her charm and individuality.

The Promise of Collaboration

This collaboration signifies a melding of creative minds and innovation, marking a collective pursuit of avant-garde fashion ideals. It underscores LOEWE’s commitment to partnering with influential figures who mirror the brand’s aesthetic values. Discover more at

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