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Zegna celebrates Oasi cashmere with the new spring 2023 campaign

Zegna celebrates Oasi cashmere with the new spring 2023 campaign


ZEGNA celebrates the new Oasi cashmere campaign for spring 2023. The campaign celebrates the new spring collection and Triple Stitch sneakers. A part of the ZEGNA identity, progressive practicality meets tradition and craftsmanship. A new language of style forms around luxury leisurewear – a necessity for the modern man’s style needs. 

Oasi, Zegna, and Sustainability

Born in Oasi, Zegna, Oasi Cashmere is a development of ZEGNA’s Road to Traceability, as the brand is committing to be fully traceable on cashmere fiber by 2024. The brand’s vertically integrated structure guarantees exceptional care at the heart of all we do. The Oasi Cashmere Collection represents our new platform that embodies the brand’s heritage and expresses our new style code. 


The collection gives tactile materiality and deep, engaging colors in fabrics woven out of passion. The collection — which spans the iconic Overshirt to soft knits and more, is crafted with luxurious cashmere fibers in which we continue to strengthen our commitment to source responsibly in harmony with nature, from goat to garment.

ZEGNA, Triple Stitch Sneaker
ZEGNA, Triple Stitch Sneaker

Triple Stitch Sneaker

To coincide with the launch of the ZEGNA Spring 2023 Campaign is the iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker, reimagined in new colors and materials such as plush suede and grained leather, all inspired by Oasi, Zegna. The sneaker continues to accomplish all the needs of a versatile shoe, celebrated for its softness, lightness, and remarkably flexible construction. Iconic on any day, the sneaker is a global success for the Maison and a centerpiece of ZEGNA’s modern wardrobe.

Oasi, Zegna, ultimately remains at the forefront of everything we do at ZEGNA, as it allows us to look back while remaining firmly focused on the future.

Explore the World of Oasi Cashmere and discover the home of our values — Oasi Zegna — a thriving 100 km2 ecosystem that has been nurtured.

Zegna Oasi Spring 2023

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