Zegna lays out the road ahead, men’s fall winter 2022

January 14, 2022

Zegna fall 2022 looks to the future by exploring its past. Under the helm of creative director, Alessandro Sartori, looks to solidifying the recent rebranded visual identity of Zegna under the motto of our road. The Zegna road, better known as the 232, winds along through Piedmont in Northern Italy. The road is where the journey for Zegna began 112 years ago in 1910 and will continue to inform the brand's DNA into the future.

"The path of innovation and evolution is affirmed as the only one worth taking. For Zegna, that’s the road: our road, Made in Italy.”

Explore the full show and fashion film accompanying the Fall Winter 2022 collection below, courtesy of Zegna.