Zegna Spring Summer 2025: Oasi Lino Collection Redefines Elegance with Mads Mikkelsen

June 20, 2024

In a master stroke of creativity and craftsmanship, Zegna unveiled its latest menswear collection, Oasi Lino, in an industrial setting transformed by the ethereal presence of metal linen plants. This juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made set the stage for a celebration of individuality and the singular beauty of each human being.

The Artistry of Alessandro Sartori

Under the masterful guidance of Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori, Zegna continues to push the boundaries of menswear, experimenting with shapes, attitudes, and fabrics. The Oasi Lino collection is a testament to Sartori's tireless dedication to his craft and his ability to create clothing that is both timeless and innovative.

Zegna Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori

The Versatility of Linen

At the heart of the collection is Oasi Lino, a sustainable and traceable linen fabric that embodies the essence of summer dressing. Supple, textured, and sensual, this linen is used in a variety of weaving and knitting techniques, resulting in light, playful pieces that adapt to the wearer's personality.

A Quintessentially Italian Aesthetic

The Oasi Lino collection exudes an unmistakably Italian aesthetic, with shapes that evoke a gentry world and an insouciant manner of wearing. The silhouette is soft and easy, with overcoats and jackets boasting enveloping volumes and elongated blazers drawing a tall line. Notchless collars, tailored T-shirts, and linen knits worn as outerwear add to the collection's relaxed yet refined vibe.

The Power of Color and Texture

A palette of neutral hues, accented with vibrant terracotta and ortensia, brings the textures of the collection to life. From four-ply and mélange linens to canvas and ultra-light weights, the fabrics used in the Oasi Lino collection are a feast for the senses. The amalgamation of cotton, silk, mohair, and cashmere further elevates the collection's luxurious feel.

Acclaimed actor Mads Mikkelsen walks the Zegna Oasi Lino Spring Summer 2025 runway show in Milan.

Mads Mikkelsen: The Embodiment of Zegna Style

Among the models gracing the runway was Zegna ambassador Mads Mikkelsen, whose presence added an extra layer of sophistication and allure to the show. Mikkelsen's effortless style and undeniable charisma perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the Oasi Lino collection, showcasing the transformative power of fashion when worn with confidence and individuality.

In the Oasi of Linen, Zegna has created a collection that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, inviting us to embrace our differences and express ourselves through the clothing we wear. With Alessandro Sartori at the helm, Zegna continues to redefine menswear, one exquisite garment at a time.