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Ziggy Chen debuts the Spring Summer 2024 collection ‘INADVERTENCY’

Ziggy Chen debuts the Spring Summer 2024 collection ‘INADVERTENCY’

Ziggy Chen, the master of fabric innovation and avant-garde design, mesmerized the fashion world at Paris Fashion Week SS24 with his latest sartorial offering, INADVERTENCY. Championing the concept of spontaneity, Chen unveiled a captivating collection that epitomized a relaxed and natural aesthetic, effortlessly blending comfort and authenticity. Through meticulous fabric selection, subtle yet intriguing color palettes, and thoughtful attention to detail, Ziggy Chen embarked on a creative journey that embraced individuality and artistic expression for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

The Artistic Symphony of Collage: INADVERTENCY Print

Drawing inspiration from collage art, Ziggy Chen introduced an exclusive and mesmerizing print for INADVERTENCY. With meticulous precision, he deconstructed ancient book covers and fragments of vintage fabrics from his personal collection, ingeniously rearranging them to breathe life into a captivating pattern that served as the cornerstone of the SS24 collection. The print, a testament to Chen’s artistic vision, was skillfully combined with yarn-dyed fabrics and subjected to innovative over-dye techniques, resulting in a multi-dimensional trompe-l’œil effect that played with perception and added depth to each garment.

Fabric Alchemy and Textural Exploration

Ziggy Chen’s SS24 collection showcased his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of textile artistry. Chen created a symphony of fabrics that tantalized the senses through meticulous experimentation and a masterful interplay of techniques such as yarn dyeing, washing, over-dyeing, and printing. Each piece boasted a unique texture and character, meticulously crafted by deftly manipulating different types and counts of threads. The collection emerged as a testament to Chen’s ability to weave a tapestry of innovation, capturing the essence of spontaneity and providing an unrivaled tactile experience.

The Dichotomy of Masculine and Feminine

A beguiling juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity defined Ziggy Chen’s SS24 collection. Chen artfully employed fabrics like linen, hemp, and ramie for the men’s section, echoing a sense of understated elegance and organic simplicity. On the other hand, the women’s section celebrated fluidity and grace, with sumptuous silk and viscose fabrics embracing the body’s contours, allowing for captivating drapes and movement. Chen masterfully struck a balance between the genders, unifying the collection with an overarching sense of harmony and fluidity.

A Palette of Allure

In a captivating departure from convention, Ziggy Chen introduced a range of new shades to his artistic palette. Alongside his signature earthy tones of mud browns and olive greens, a faded blue emerged as a focal point, drawing inspiration from a weathered Chinese workwear item from the 1940s. This beautifully weathered hue, imbued with a gentle patina acquired through decades of use, added a touch of understated elegance to the collection, elevating each garment with a sense of timelessness and soulful allure.


Every facet of Ziggy Chen’s SS24 collection artfully captured the spirit of INADVERTENCY in its own distinct manner. Chen’s visionary approach to fashion shone through as he embarked on a poetic exploration of reality, gently pushing boundaries while honoring tradition. With meticulous fabric manipulation, thoughtfully curated color palettes, and captivating prints, Chen’s INADVERTENCY collection was a testament to his unwavering dedication to artistic expression and individuality.

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