ALAÏA winter spring 2023

July 4, 2022

ALAÏA presents the winter spring 2023 couture show inspired by the complexities within simplicity. Creative Director Pieter Mulier chose a mythical Parisian address for the show. It is one that resonates simultaneously with the past and future, 15 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It will be the home of Maison Alaïa, opening in 2024.

A house built on paradox

"Alaïa is a house built on paradox. The simplicity of geometric forms yields intricacy: rectilinear cutting and reduced construction are used to create garments that move easily around the form, transforming with the gestures of every woman. Polka-dots are a leitmotif, echoed by embroideries of baroque pearls, like points of light tracing the topography of the figure," the press statement reads.

The Alaïa iconography is on display this season with stretch-jersey functioning as a second skin. It appears as leggings, draped skirts, and tops. Another highlight fabrication this season is mouton, raw-edged, and unlined leather used for outerwear. Crocodile is also translated into three-dimensional jacquard, chenille pretends to be fur.

The wrong side of denim

Mulier further adds a playful spin on denim by using the "wrong" side. This gesture provides a subtle contrast to the otherwise ubiquity of denim on the runway. Meanwhile, jewelry takes a brutalist approach and is "laid under clothing or fused with their surface, metal bangles inlaid into the sleeves of tailoring, or integrated into footwear."

Explore the full Alaïa winter spring 2023 show below. Make sure to check out the new Alaïa summer fall campaign here.
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Runway looks