“At Home, with self-portrait”: A New Vision of Evening Elegance

October 26, 2023

Emily Ratajkowski lies on her side on a cream carpet, wearing a sparkling pink dress with feathery cuffs, holding a glass, with a silver purse nearby.

Fashion followers worldwide are in for a treat with the release of self-portrait's latest campaign, "At Home, with self-portrait." This new initiative celebrates the luxury of dressing up in the comfort of one's home, showcasing a splendid eveningwear collection that seamlessly blends glamour with the intimate ambiance of a home setting.

Emily Ratajkowski effortlessly embodies the allure of self-portrait's eveningwear, exuding grace and poise amidst the intimate backdrop of home.

Celebrating Everyday Occasions in Style

The campaign, brought to life through the lens of renowned photographer Nick Waplington, features model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. It beautifully captures the essence of self-portrait's dedication to empowering modern women by offering exquisite fashion choices for any celebration, whether at home or outside.

With these stunning pieces now available for global patrons online and across self-portrait stores, the brand continues to affirm its position as a purveyor of elegant, occasion-appropriate attire.

Draped in the elegance of self-portrait, Emily Ratajkowski brings the essence of personal celebrations to the fore in Nick Waplington's authentic captures

Art Meets Fashion: Nick Waplington's Vision

Nick Waplington, known for his evocative imagery that resonates with authenticity and raw emotion, was the perfect choice for this campaign. His acclaimed exhibitions, including those at prestigious institutions like Tate Britain and the Guggenheim Museum, echo his ability to portray genuine, relatable life experiences.

A Collection That Stands Out

The eveningwear collection, under the meticulous direction of Han Chong, speaks to those who cherish fashion as a form of personal expression. It includes an array of designs, from the playful allure of a black strapless mini dress with a green feather trim to the refined elegance of an olive green rhinestone-embellished gown. Each piece is a testament to self-portrait's dedication to catering to the modern woman's diverse sartorial needs.

Transcending the boundaries between the domestic and the glamorous, Emily Ratajkowski showcases the versatility of self-portrait's latest collection with every poised gesture.

Sustainable Elegance and Expanding Horizons

As self-portrait grows, it maintains a focus on sustainability, incorporating environmentally responsible materials into its collections. The brand's journey towards reducing its carbon footprint represents a broader commitment within the fashion industry to acknowledge and address its environmental impact.

Moreover, the establishment of the SP Collection marks a new chapter in nurturing global creative talent, demonstrating that the brand's influence extends far beyond its immediate industry.

An Homage to Personal Celebrations

"At Home, with self-portrait" is more than a campaign; it is an invitation to consumers to revel in life's everyday moments, dressing with intention and joy. It is a reminder that every day is worth celebrating and that style, comfort, and sustainability can coexist beautifully in the world of fashion. With its distinguished team of creatives and its forward-thinking approach, self-portrait is redefining the modern fashion landscape, one collection at a time.