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Celebrities and Bingo – A New Fashion Trend?

Celebrities and Bingo – A New Fashion Trend?

In the glitzy Hollywood and the high-fashion runways, trends come and go faster than a spin of the roulette wheel. While we’ve seen celebrities endorsing everything from designer fashion to health supplements, there’s a surprising new trend taking centre stage – bingo! 

Online bingo games can be fun, but nothing beats the excitement of the chance of playing with someone famous, in person. So, since the classic game of bingo is making waves in the world of celebrities and models, here are some of our favourites that you may encounter on your night out at your local bingo hall.

Kate Moss: Supermodel Turned Bingo Fan

Kate Moss, the iconic supermodel, is known for strutting her stuff on the world’s most prestigious runways. However, she’s not just about fashion; she’s a bona fide bingo enthusiast. Even before she achieved global fame, Kate had a soft spot for bingo. 

Robbie Williams: Pop Star Turned Bingo Philanthropist

Robbie Williams, the beloved pop star, might have skyrocketed to fame with Take That, but he’s still a simple northern lad at heart. What sets him apart is his love for bingo, which he occasionally shares with fellow celebrities to raise funds for charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Babies with AIDS. 

Courtney Cox: From Friends to Bingo Buddy

Courtney Cox, best known for her role as Monica on the iconic TV show “Friends,” hails from Birmingham, Alabama. It’s no surprise that she enjoys a game of bingo with friends, including Ricki Lake and Paris Hilton

Sharon Osbourne: The Bingo Expert

Sharon Osbourne, a multifaceted celebrity known for her roles on TV, as well as her marriage to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, is deeply immersed in the world of bingo. She’s considered one of the most knowledgeable bingo enthusiasts out there, to the extent that she even created her very own online bingo platform.

Bono: Rocking the Bingo Hall

If you thought Mick Jagger was the coolest bingo player, think again. Bono, the iconic frontman of U2, has a deep connection to the game. Before fame, he apparently worked in a bingo hall, serving food while numbers were called. His nostalgia for the game runs deep, and he sometimes enjoys bingo with supermodel friends like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

Katy Perry: Firework and Bingo Lover

Pop sensation Katy Perry has been known to host bingo nights, complete with dazzling performances by her and her friends. She’s combined her love for music and bingo, creating unforgettable evenings for her fans who love to join in the fun.

Jennifer Lopez: From the Dance Floor to the Bingo Hall

Jennifer Lopez, the queen of the dance floor, also enjoys a good game of bingo. She’s been spotted at bingo events, showcasing her versatile interests beyond the stage.

In conclusion, bingo is no longer just a pastime for the elderly; it’s a fashionable trend embraced by celebrities and models. From Hollywood actresses to international supermodels and iconic pop stars, these famous faces are showing that bingo is more than just a game of luck – it’s a game of passion and philanthropy. So, the next time you’re at a bingo hall or playing online, keep in mind that you might just be sharing the excitement with some of the most glamorous personalities.

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